How do they do that?

How can you give a cat a pill, be assured that she has swallowed it, then find it on the floor/table/counter/or even your clothing, an hour later. AddEmoticons04280 Yes, I am talking Thena, who has been on medication since she arrived. AddEmoticons04259 10-25-09 She also moves faster than any kitten I have ever seen,AddEmoticons04263 was never shy or reserved… etc. AddEmoticons04264 Tath, on the other hand, slinks into the other room and hides when someone other than me walks through the front door,AddEmoticons04263 I must admit he is at least beginning to come out of hiding while they are here. cat 28 They are both growing like weeds. cat 3 Thena is spending less time in midair as I pull her off the kitchen counter, cat 36Tath is beginning to spend more time in the air as he finds that he can jump high enough to make it to the top of the kitchen counter, 53  Snoop never did stay off of it, unless I was cooking, baking, or doing dishes.AddEmoticons04263 (oh yes, or my sister was here… you would not believe how well behaved he could be when sis came for a quick visit.) cat 26

I sit here typing and hear the sounds of little things striking the floor in the other room, cat 39before a little head peeks around the corner to check to see if I heard it (1), or (2) am going to get up and check to see what is going on…cat 47 rolling eyes.AddEmoticons04267  As if I don’t know.  nervous-934That was a pen hitting the floor, followed by my notepad. smiley-confused005 Those 2 items are resented by the management of the house. AddEmoticons00949 Sigh. nervous-934 Too bad, kittens.making-bronx-cheer-smiley-emoticon

I was called away, and came back to find that a portion of this is missing…smiley-confused005 where did it go,AddEmoticons04280 10-31-34 I was sure I had a second paragraph all typed out…AddEmoticons04279 10-25-22 looking at the two innocent looking fur balls flying back and forth in the living room… addemoticons00954 22-10-14they remind me of ping pong balls in a tournament game.  AddEmoticons00949

I decided to take a week off, cough, which is supposed to mean no writing.AddEmoticons04231 10-25-25  Looking sheepish here,AddEmoticons04263 22-49-23 to be fair, it was only 1 chapter. AddEmoticons0424 Yes, I am at the 20% mark of ‘Surrounded by the Light’, loosely translated, if I put my mind to it I could be finished by the end of next week,AddEmoticons04240 22-18-24 and Eniko could have it sitting in her file the following week. super-happy-dance-smiley-emoticon She is currently doing the first edits on ‘Integration’, while Sarah puts the finishing touches on ‘For the King and Elven Empire.” giving-thumbs-up-winking-smiley-emoticon (that one could be available for pre-order by April or shortly thereafter, release date June 16, 2015). Smiley-Begging In April I will be continuing the saga with ‘Tratchars’  I have almost 10% written on that one, I also have a little written on ‘Earwen’s Song’. smiley-happy120 Eol is a lot more vocal about telling his story than Endiku, but then Endiku has known he had a Life Mate since Ennacas was a baby.  AddEmoticons04220

Sometime this month I am going to sit down and revamp the welcoming page of the website, it is definitely dated. AddEmoticons04259 As for the rest, we are supposed to get melting weather, I am excited, this means I will get to see something more than white outdoors.AddEmoticons04262 We were lucky with the snow accumulation this year, a good melting week will take  us to the ground in most places, or more. 1317309lsk5aj07xu I feel bad for those who live on the Eastern side of the continent.  I hear about the snow there and go ‘Oy’, then again, been there, done that.AddEmoticons04279  I should get back to work here… I have someone coming in an hour and I threw a cherry pie into the oven,AddEmoticons04231 going to make fish and chips to go with it. AddEmoticons04263 So… until next week… think spring… and don’t forget to add an hour to your clock tonight, as we go into spring mode with out time. AddEmoticons04283

2 thoughts on “How do they do that?

  1. emilylucero says:

    Loving the blog. Those kittens are being real little stinkers. I know you already have me on the list for pre order on FTK&TEE. I am excited at all the elven books in the works.

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