Name the Kitten Contest

For an ebook of your choice from my list,AddEmoticons04274 who would be interested in helping me name the new pussycat? AddEmoticons04280 We have until Saturday to do it, that is when she arrives. They are flying her non-stop from Los Angeles, California. Points to consider… this will be her registered name… She is a Seal Point Siamese, and her father is ranked in the top 10 show cats in the world. cat 3 A picture of what she is going to look like is posted below. It is not great, but it is all I have. I have been told she is loving and in dire need of love,AddEmoticons04268 and that is why I am ending up with her. AddEmoticons04231 She will be shown, but not by me. AddEmoticons04263


22 thoughts on “Name the Kitten Contest

  1. Betty Olsen says:

    She’s a beauty and I have a bunch of names: Elwyna (friend of the Elves), Cleo, Diva, Mia, Pixie, Princess, Sissi, Suki, Tamson and Zola.

  2. Sarah Howells says:

    Button…..cause she’s cute as a button. That’s what I’m calling her regardless of the name that wins! Haha. Teresa suggested Athena….something about a Greek goddess of war and hunting or something something blah blah blah. Button it is! YEAH!!!!!

  3. seelkfireice says:

    I asked Sexy Mr. Random to pick a number and the lucky one belongs to Selena Rivera. CONGRATS!!! And happy reading! Expect contact from Mary Ann!
    Thank you all for helping naming the new kitten. Merry Christmas and happy, bountiful new year everybody! XOXO

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