Time to get back to work

No, it isn’t because it is fall and I have to move to stay warm ..AddEmoticons04263.. though that could be a consideration. It almost froze over the last few days for the first time this fall. I have seen that happen earlier so I won’t comment on that. AddEmoticons04267 10-25-02 It is strange, last year I looked forward to winter,AddEmoticons04262 it was like … yes,AddEmoticons04262 time to change how the world around me looks.AddEmoticons04263 This year it is more like… I still haven’t thawed out from last year yet. AddEmoticons04268 So not fair. I swear there are icicles from winter attached to my ..winter-7650.. well, you know. AddEmoticons04268 Sigh. Snoop is not happy about this either, addemoticons00932refuses to stay on the porch for more than five minutes at a time.addemoticons00954 (which happens just once a day) AddEmoticons04279 You can’t push him out the front door for a little fresh air,AddEmoticons00937 alright, I will admit,AddEmoticons04231 it was raining, more like dripping.) AddEmoticons04259 You know Snoop and water. 0012 Snoop and cold. AddEmoticons04263 Snoop and snow. AddEmoticons04263 I have been very vocal about these things.AddEmoticons04272

Snoop has been a real pita lately. AddEmoticons04269 He is restless and not getting enough exercise,AddEmoticons04258 bro needs to get another dog to keep him in shape, not that the other chased him. AddEmoticons04274 She used to whine as he batted her nose with his paw.AddEmoticons04272 (No, he did not extend his nails to smack her. And yes, he knew she was too large to fit under the bed)AddEmoticons04279
Last night he decided he didn’t want to sleep on his side of the bed anymore,AddEmoticons00949 mine was better..AddEmoticons00916. not happening cat. sacando-la-lengua14 He spent most of the night either on top of me, or on my pillow. addemoticons00935 I slept in the middle of the bed. MSN-Emoticon-nonono-110 He has this habit of flopping his furry body on my face. AddEmoticons00950-1(or sitting on it,AddEmoticons00937 he purrs when he does that) AddEmoticons04282 Music to sleep by? I don’t think so cat.AddEmoticons00949

I should be doing the last of the edits on Luthien’s Song this weekend,smiley-bounce016 then it will be headed for Becca so she can format it. SnoopyDance It will be interesting to see how fast it will travel to other locations. AddEmoticons04262 The pre-ordering format from Amazon has come in handy. AddEmoticons04258 Morganna is working on ‘First Contact’ and we are hoping for next weekend on that one,th_snoopylinus_ani I will quickly run through it again and pass it on the Candy. snoopy-emoticon-001 Right now everyone is running around, frantically trying to keep up with their jobs and the season. 0020 There are so many things to do,0024 finishing off the garden,AddEmoticons04235 settling the children in school,AddEmoticons04228 shutting Snoop up (he wants me to change the weather),musical_snoopy_ani-vi getting ready for Halloween, and the scary one, preparing for winter and Christmas. MSN-Emoticon-frozen-122 Shiver. Not going there.AddEmoticons04274 more than 3 months away. I wonder if I should write something about the tropics to make me feel warmer.MSN-Emoticon-155

Well, I have to get back to work,AddEmoticons04269 going to write a chapter on ‘For the King and Elven Empire’ today. AddEmoticons04242 It is time I quit being so lazy. nervous-934 I also have a few pieces of artwork coming in this week. clicking-your-heels-smiley-emoticon The cover for next year’s EC novel, and collector’s cards..super-happy-dance-smiley-emoticon. I don’t suppose you would be interested in seeing those when they are released. smiley-confused005 Nah, didn’t think so. AddEmoticons04263 Well, on that note, I am off and running, before Snoop smacks me. cat 53 He is sitting beside the door screaming that he wants to go out. cat 45 I know he will enjoy the weather, I will let him back in about three minutes from now, if he will go out there. cat 42 Chilly this morning. AddEmoticons04279 Just come back, wrong direction, he was on the bed, he wants company. cat 26

Until next week, Snoop and I wish you well,cat 53 be healthy, and stay out of trouble. AddEmoticons04220 Choke, snicker. AddEmoticons04283 6088880143_491c2e2e67_s

2 thoughts on “Time to get back to work

  1. emilylucero says:

    Of course I want to see things as you get them. Gheesh!!! Had my own excitement fell out of the bed last nite. LOL Still trying to figure how that happen.My bed is is very high on the floor so it was a good drop.Really sore right now. Nothing broken, I don’t think. LOL Enjoyed the blog. Hugs to Snooper.

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