One of those WEEKS?

I thought the saying was ‘I am having one of those days’. sad-face So who changed it on me without notice? b0403I decided not to write for a while..AddEmoticons04263. took a while to reach that goal, but it is finally working..AddEmoticons04262. sort of. AddEmoticons04263 Snoop is happy,cat 36 someone has to be. AddEmoticons04267 10-25-02 Last weekend started with my back going out on me. AddEmoticons04268 Of course I couldn’t get it fixed because the doctor isn’t in. AddEmoticons04279 I got through that in various degrees of pain and relief. smiley-confused005 I read several books…. well, maybe two. smiley-happy120 I have had company, we were making fresh garden vegetable soup,super-happy-dance-smiley-emoticon and it is very good… stock pots were a little small,making-bronx-cheer-smiley-emoticon but we got past it. clicking-your-heels-smiley-emoticon 48 quarts later. AddEmoticons04231 22-18-20 Then we decided to wait a couple days and make a HM beef stew.AddEmoticons04258 10-25-31 Sigh. AddEmoticons04264 Stock pots still couldn’t hold it all… what is with this? AddEmoticons04263 I swear they shrunk during the time we started to when we were finished. AddEmoticons04274 Anyway, we have a winter’s supply of stew in the freezer. AddEmoticons04267 We also made spaghetti sauce and will have that for a long time. AddEmoticons04262 All this before getting my back straightened out. AddEmoticons04268

The night all this ended, we went catapulting into the fire. AddEmoticons04268 Thankfully not literally, but in a way that has made me feel spooked. AddEmoticons04280 During the night someone came onto the property and stole my brother’s truck and my niece’s little 4X4. AddEmoticons04212 20-55-04 They opened all the other vehicles and took all my change from the ash tray in my van. AddEmoticons04236 10-17-45 So not happy about this. AddEmoticons04268 10-25-50 We reported it to the RCMP and the insurance co. AddEmoticons04236 10-01-50 Then the next night they came to finish the job, going as far as to enter the house to look for the key. AddEmoticons04240 22-18-24 Not sure if they were spooked by my attack cat, or if the thought of climbing all over the stockpots and the garbage bag of peelings from the veggies, AddEmoticons04232 sometimes you think there has to be a reason for clutter. AddEmoticons04236 10-01-50 The mess has been cleaned up since, keeping things inside so the rodents and racoons don’t get into it during the night must have worked in more ways than one. AddEmoticons04282 21-08-40 Either way, my van is still parked outside.AddEmoticons04237

Snoop has taken this all in stride. cat 22 They didn’t disturb his sleep,cat 36 he is still getting cuddled and fed, cat 26so everything is okay. cat 47 They could have taken those 2 pugs with them 53.. even if they do give him extra heat when they surround him. cat 3 To be truthful they are the same size as he is and he isn’t intimidated, cat 28(we have even caught him curled up with them and as they share his coloring you have to take a second glance to realize he is there). cat 53 Now, if they would only leave his food dish 3

This week, if things settle down,Smiley-Begging I will begin to write again,super-happy-dance-smiley-emoticon I have rested for a while,smiley-confused005 now it is time to slowly get back to work, bth_SmileyHappyDance‘For the King and Elven Empire’. The children are calling. giving-thumbs-up-winking-smiley-emoticon

Until next week… AddEmoticons04225 22-31-36 and from Snoop and his person… AddEmoticons00916 have a good one.

5 thoughts on “One of those WEEKS?

  1. emilylucero says:

    Wow I didn’t know they came back and tried the house. Darn that would have me really shaken. I hope they catch them. Was the truck little bros for when he is there? Would love a picture of Snoop with the pugs asleep. LOL Praying for a better week for you..

    1. maabraham says:

      Have to admit, I am a little spooked. No, it wasn’t little bro’s it was #3’s truck.

      Forgot to mention I scalded the back of writing hand, blisters, stuff like that. Sigh. Definitely one of those weeks. 😛

  2. seelkfireice says:

    You had quite a week and I am sure you had your fill of bad stuff to last a lifetime. I can’t believe the nerve of some people SHEESH
    Hopefully karma will be working in a big way. Stay safe! HUGS
    Looking forward to reading more from EC, I am going into withdrawal 😛

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