My chat with Sabre

Always enjoy these interviews

SEELKs fire & ice

Hello and welcome!

Today I bring you Sabre who I came to know less than a month ago when he came to the public attention. Before that, his creator, Ms. Marianne Maguire teased us mercilessly with little snippets and pictures, wetting our appetites.

ImageSeptember’s country house

He invited me to the country house which is a nice change from my cozy chat room. It is quite nice, quiet, tucked away from any traffic and neighbours are far away.

I stand in front of the massive door, I knock, looking around. The door opens and there he is… after a few moments, I remember to close my mouth which was hanging open and probably making him think I am a crazy person LOL Go here and you will see what I mean, he is just gorgeous.

Welcome to our home!He invites me in with a sweep of his arm.


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