Couldn’t resist this.

Aredhel was trained to fight as a warrior in the High Lord General Gabriel’s army during the time of war, but even warriors got the chance to go home to their loved ones from time to time. It is Gabriel’s belief that a warrior remains grounded when they are reminded what they are fighting for. Aredhel agrees whole heartedly with her general’s ideals, and has since the first time she returned to her home to find her mother nursing a newborn child; her sister, Gilraen. She was not so impressed to hear that their father had returned to his homelands, where he rules as King. As far as she was concerned no male has the right to walk away from his Life Mate, especially when she is carrying his child.


Bitter over what she felt was her father’s shortcomings as a proper Life Mate to her mother Aredhel shuns all males. Her life has become one of battle, search and rescue. When she isn’t at war or helping her mother, she is traveling across the portal into her father’s lands, though she is unaware of this, to seek out Elven warriors who have been captured by the Demon enemy to torture. She is ruthless in the execution of those who mistreat her fellow warriors, and her talent at finding where they are being kept is uncanny.


Liessen is a warrior King, and his realm is that of the Dark Elves. He is bringing about changes to the antiquated ways of his people, but it is not easy. Even amongst his people he must rule with an iron first. No one must be able to sense any form of weakness in his rulings. His very word must be law, and he has surrounded himself with warriors who will guard him to their death. Despite his stand on how his life must be lived, Liessen is an Elf who loves beauty in all its forms, especially those of the maidens who serve as his personal guard. Beautiful, but deadly, they serve their King. Liessen labors to hone their skills to a killer’s edge, without destroying their sense of fun or their love of life.


It is not the feminine beauty that Liessen surrounds himself with that he finds the most alluring. Liessen is haunted by visions of a maiden who thrusts herself into danger time and time again. He has never seen her face but he knows this is his Life Mate, the one meant for him. Every time he has a vision of her he has followed her into the realm across the portal to guard her back. She has never seen him either. She does not even realize he is there. He waits for the day when they will meet face to face and he can call her, his own. In the meantime a man can play.


As the Kings meet at the meadow where the portal entrance used to be a whole new world unfurls around them. King Garoldth has left to go to the rescue of his Life Mate. Daroth has taken on the position of helper in the restructuring of the new lands, and Liessen gets a glimpse of the warrior maiden that he has guarded so well in the past. This time; however, she turns to face him and just for a fleeting moment their eyes meet as she scans the field before turning and crossing over to the other side of the boundary. He knows immediately where she has gone, and he recognizes the look on her face.


Aredhel is livid. She came to blows with a father she never knew before learning the truth of his leaving. She learned that he never knew of the existence of either of his daughters. What is worse, he acknowledges them and acts in an honorable fashion. Her world has been turned upside down. She heads for the Empire she now knows is his, but this time her reasons are different. This time she will fight to release all the captured warriors she can find, if they exist. She no longer fights just to fight. She battles to bring her bitterness to an end. Can she change? She feels alone as always but things are different. She now is a part of a whole family for she knows her parents will unite.


Liessen swears as he watches his Life Mate cross into danger again. He also has the talent of vision and he knows she travels back into the land to free the prisoners, to finish the job she has started. Standing between Marious and Gabriel he looks at his friends and growls as smiles of knowing cross their faces. There is no hiding the moment of discovery from an Elf that has gone though the experience of meeting his Life Mate. Deciding it is easier to deal with the enemy, no matter how brutal, than the comments that could come his way from his friends, he follows Aredhel across the barrier boundary. It is time for things to come to a head between his future love and himself. She has gone into the world to hunt the enemy and he will follow to secure his future. To do so he will use every dirty trick he knows, and he knows many.

2 thoughts on “Couldn’t resist this.

  1. emilylucero says:

    Just wow. I love it and it certainly pulls a readers interest to find out what happens next. Of course I have been anxious for this story for a long time already.

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