Time to get this written

This may be a short one. AddEmoticons04259 10-25-09 Been really busy writing and have almost hit the 90% mark in Luthien’s Song. AddEmoticons04262 (Alright, so I lied, I am almost at that point but haven’t been writing. AddEmoticons04224 Been playing hokey.)  Watched too much of the Olympics.  To day will be the hockey game, like tomorrow. AddEmoticons04258 Our teams have been getting us all excited and a lot of Canadians are running around with hoarse throats for some reason. AddEmoticons04257 Between one thing and another I find I have the attention span of a bumble bee in a field of flowers. AddEmoticons04263

Snoop is sure beginning to show his age this year and this morning he is having trouble with his hips, b0403 seems like the golden age strikes our pets as well as us. sad-face Been worried I rolled over him during the night, it has happened. 6088880143_491c2e2e67_s The first time was when he was a kitten and it was the first time he slept with me. AddEmoticons04268  I flipped over and felt something furry.  I never woke up so fast in my life… I KILLED THE KITTEN!!!!!!!!!!!!  Ran to turn on the light and sure enough one very flat looking kitten, purring. cat 53 They are made of rubber at that age.

He is insisting on extra TLC lately cat 42 and been getting some (not as much as he would like). cat 54 Then again, there isn’t enough time in the day and night for that. AddEmoticons04279 Well, off to the races.  By now the hockey game is at least half over and I haven’t even turned on the television yet, and Snoop is calling with his loud Siamese voice…. mama. cat 45 Until next week, have a good one, and don’t roll over your pussycat in the night. CatSmiley21

2 thoughts on “Time to get this written

  1. emilylucero says:

    Went to her log and enjoyed Wee Willie. So fun. Miss sleeping with my dogs evn if they took up most of the bed. LOL Poor baby tell him I am sending him pets and scratches. Hope your team wins now that we have lost.

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