We DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yup, Snoop and I had a BIG week. AddEmoticons04267 10-25-02 He got to do his followup with the vet. AddEmoticons04263 The expression on his face when he went into that building was precious… It was like “NOT AGAIN!” cat 54  She gave him the past bit of his antibiotic and sent him home. cat 40  (It is getting hard to get him out of his cat carrier when we go there.) cat 39  But, at least he hasn’t hissed at her yet. CatSmiley11  Anyone know how to keep a cat from climbing onto your head and getting tangled in your hair when the vet walks into the room? AddEmoticons04264

I finished the rough copy of ‘King’s Daughter’ this week and tossed it into the rework pile, then promptly dove in after it to get that done. AddEmoticons04262 It is in Eniko’s hands now. 1317309lsk5aj07xu  Second stage edits happening.  Four more sets of hands to go through after this. AddEmoticons04257 I should be getting the last 12 chapters of ‘My Darling, Janice’ back from the 3rd stage. I will go over that and send it to 4th stage. AddEmoticons04263 I think you get the picture.  ‘Living in the Light’ is going through the 1st stage edit/rewrite today. AddEmoticons04258

Snoop is already primed for doing the rewrites, he is sitting on the couch yelling for me.cat 26  All in good time… haven’t eaten yet, and the blog comes first. CatSmiley11  Too bad, so sad, sucks to be a kitty sometimes. cat 45 He can content himself with waiting a half an hour before I settle down with pen and paper.

I am thinking that after this week I am going to do a little work on ‘First Contact’ before I dive back into the Elven world.  AddEmoticons04259 10-25-09‘Luthien’s Song is almost half done, and ‘First Contact’ is only at about 12% …. that will never do. cat 53 Well time to move on.  Until next week, have a good one, and I will continue to… AddEmoticons04285 22-59-07


Snoop sends AddEmoticons00916

2 thoughts on “We DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. emilylucero says:

    Triedto answer on the coment but it wouldn’t take me to the page. You made my dy . Lots a smiles here. Hugs to the Snooper. Chris has you back on my wall at CF.

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