This is another that went missing.

I had a great post done up, and I lost it…Image … I believe it is somewhere, but I have no idea where.  It said something about draft then disappeared. Image  I swear I didn’t press any buttons (but Snoop might have … that is right, blame the cat)  Image  He was sitting beside the keyboard with this ‘notice me, mama’ expression on his face.  Image  I have my limits and my attention was focused on what I was doing.  Image  I would tell him bad cat, but then I would have an argument on my hands. Image  He is not a bad cat.  Image

No matter, I still have to try to recreate what I had.

Now that Thanksgiving, etc is over it is time to focus on the next event… Image That is right, Christmas.  It is the season of lights. Image It is also time for the white stuff to invade…   That is right, snow, and ours is here

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