Dare we hope?

The books are at customs.  Image  I am almost afraid to announce anything after the last shipment, but I am following the UPS virtual trail.  Image  Did last time too and it didn’t make any sense, Image this time it does.  Image  Crossing fingers.  Image Come on, books.

The weather is holding on…  Image  and I hope it keeps on doing just that, although they are saying that by the end of next week we should be getting the white stuff.  Image  I am not ready for this.  I still have at least 2 appointments I need to attend and I don’t want to do it in fresh snow.  Image  Maybe Mother Nature will change her mind.  Image  Hold on to that thought. Image

Well Halloween has come and gone for another year  Image  and in less than a couple weeks it will be Remembrance Day  Image  (also known as Veterans Day).  We don’t have anything following that here until Christmas, Image   although I know down South they still have Thanksgiving.  Image  So will acknowledge both.

Snoop is sure showing his age,  Image  he screams he wants outside, Image  spends about two minutes there then screams he wants in… Image   got distracted by a telephone call with him outside the other day, by the time I broke free to let him in he was climbing the screen. Image   (surprising what difference three minutes makes.)  I never saw a cat head for a hot air vent so quickly.  Image  I swear, he was still shivering ten minutes later… not to mention the nasty looks he was still sending my way.  Image Well maybe not… he did want me to take him to bed for a little TLC.

Well, time to see if customs have released my books… Image   maybe… if I am really lucky… I will get them early.  Image  I really don’t know what to think when they do a warehouse scan.  Image Dare I hope?  Image  Snoop is hoping so too… he thinks he needs a new box to play in, while the feather blanket is being aired out… it smells suspiciously of cat. Image


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