The week STARTED out well

It looked like it was going to be a great week when it started.  Image  I had written mega chapters during the weekend, the orders for the proofs were ready to move by Monday, yup… it looked like a banner week.  Image  Before Murphy put his big foot in the works.  Image  Someone is going to shoot him one of these days. Image


It started when I noticed that UPS didn’t have a trace on the number later in the day.  ImageWell, that happens, it will be there in the morning.  Image  Nope.  Image  Eventually something showed up listing it as being New Brunswick… Really?  Hum… whatever.  Then it said something about the paperwork missing.  Image  Figures, I have had things like that happen before.  Image  Then it showed that the package was in Winnipeg… yes!  Image  But it was having issues in customs… been there, done that.  Image  Then it said it cleared and was in transit… yes.  Image  No.    But Thursday I was ready to bite someone… what was going on?  Phoned UPS.  Image  They said the papers showed up but not the package.  Image  Then it started showing up on the screen later in the day… Franklin Park, Ill. – Chicago, Ill. – Louisville, KY – (hey, which direction is this thing going?)  Image Minneapolis, MN. – Winnipeg.  In customs… that was on Friday morning… delivery… last thing in the afternoon… going into a corner and flip my lip… funny farm, here I come. 


So the UPS guy gets to Becca’s… she is at work and he won’t give it to anyone else.  (**&&%^%$##%%… you get the picture.  So the love of her life followed him to UPS and picked it up there.  Now it waits until she gets home, and I will finish this after she sees it.


Snoop has been a rock through it all… Image well, most of him… Image he has had tummy problems… Image if you are sleeping and you suddenly smell the odor of regurgitated cat food you know it is going to be bad… especially when you get a feeling that there is something running across your leg calf… and no, I had nothing to do with it.  Image  Ewwwwwww… SNOOP..  sad looking kitty… and I really understand… BUT IT IS 3:30 IN THE MORNING !  Image ….sigh.  No help for it… get up, wash down me, clean up bed, start washer… sigh.  Image  On the way back to bed… notice he is eating again… Image close eyes and wish he was sitting on a desk in the UPS office. Image


Snoop is fine now, it is daylight and he doesn’t have tummy issues during daylight hours.  He will be back tonight, purring, ready for cuddles, and backing his furry rear end into my face…  Image  They really should make a back up alarm for cats.  Sigh.


Well, the proofs are in, Becca has seen them, only a quick change that doesn’t need another proof brought in for.  So it is time for Snoop and I to order, release and close that chapter… then we are going to get ready for Halloween…    Have a safe and fun time with the kiddies.  Until next week. Image And we will see how things turn out with the next order.  For now we are happy and ready for the next round.  Image

2 thoughts on “The week STARTED out well

  1. Fran Lucero says:

    ROFL that was fun. You can laugh now. I know it wasn’t fun at the time. Dare I say I hope the ordered books don’t go through that. Hate cleaning up messes like Snoop made but we love our animals. Give him hugs

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