Pacing, forever pacing.

Murphy must love me because that law keeps messing with my life.  Image  

Yes it has been one of THOSE weeks.  Image  

It started off great (long weekend, how can you miss, right?)  Image  

Wrong.  Image  

Don’t misunderstand.  The weekend went great.  Image  

Got lots of writing done.  Image  

Got some reading done, yes I know, shocker.  Image  

Then Tuesday came.  Tuesday, after a long weekend is a MONDAY, with the added bonus of having Murphy been given extra time to think of extras to add to the day.  Image


Anyway enough said on that.  Tuesday came and we start off with a bang… TID is finished off in record time.  Image  

Followed by the formatting for the Short Story books, followed by one crisis after another, followed by an S.O.S. from Becca that ended with me sending one out to Eniko… When in trouble, call in the cavalry.  Image 

By the end of the day the trouble hasn’t got away, but Becca has the book interiors done.  Image  

Then there is the covers.  At this time I believe Eniko has two done and Becca has the backs of two to either finish or add or whatever… you get the idea.  Image  

It is supposed to finish coming together this evening.  Image  

(and if it works it will be Elves 5 – Murphy zip) Does anyone believe this?  Image  Sigh.  Me either, but we can dream.  Image


Snoop has watched and listened to all of this with interest.  Image  

He isn’t very enthusiastic about going outside anymore, he knows what is coming and when he goes out the North wind lets him know it is only a matter of time.  Image  

He hates it when it whispers in his ears.  Flicks his tail at the great outdoors when he comes back into the house and gives it dirty looks.  I have told him he is getting to be a grouchy old pussycat.  Image  

He winked.  Image  

He knows who to try to butter up.  Image  

Neither of us can do a thing about the weather, but it is his bed I sleep in and he likes cuddles.  Image


Heading back to the books, things are going smoothly… ‘King’s Daughter’ is around 15% done… ‘Lúthien’s Song’ is around 18% done… ‘Living in the Light’ is 33% done.  Eniko is slowly working her way through the first edits of ‘My Darling, Janice’  Morganna is almost finished the second edit of ‘Guardians of the Future’.  Image  

Now to settle down to one or the other.  Or maybe they will all come together.  Then my editing staff won’t come to me and say… almost finished with this one… when is the next one coming?  (Sound familiar?) Image


In case you are wondering what happened to last Saturday’s blog, so am I.  Image  

The blog went up, the notices went out … it looked great with all those dancing turkey’s.  Image  

Then it disappeared… poof.  So not fair. Image


Until next week… all I can do is hope this stays were I put it…  Image  

and keep …  Image   

Have a good week and get ready for Halloween.  Image








2 thoughts on “Pacing, forever pacing.

  1. Fran Lucero says:

    I saw the turkeys dancing. LOL I just glued my fingers with super glue. Got some Halloween houses you had to put together and glue all the spooky things on. LOL Son in law was rushing my daughter so I made he take them home to finish. LOL loved the blog hug Snoop for me.

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