Well, we did it  Image  

spent four days partying with the Elves on Face Book.  They are still grinning, and I can barely type.  Snoop is pouting.  Image  

The Elves got all the attention they wanted, my fingers are on strike, and Snoop is felling ignored.  


It has turned cold, well chilly.  A few more degrees and we would have frost… um… Mother Nature… this is July (middle of SUMMER?)  Remember that season?  I know we were saying it was very warm (when you have mega brothers who know how to tease you quickly learn never to say you are hot).  Last night got cold enough that Snoop woke me up to get the feather blanket out of storage to cover him with so he wouldn’t freeze.  Isn’t that what he has a fur coat for?  Image  We are used to warmer weather and got spoiled.


I think the face book event went well, my computer has a bulge in it from all the emails it is storing that I haven’t deleted yet.  Image  

There were a few… clearing throat … interesting pictures… nothing I had to bring out the eye bleach for but you get the idea. Image  

.  Occasionally Snoop would jump up onto the desk and check out what was going on and purr.  Occasionally he would walk over the keyboard and sit on it to stare me in the eyes, yes, he was looking for equal time. Image  

.  He managed to turn the brightness down on the screen enough I couldn’t see the words for a while… surprised myself that I didn’t have to phone Becca to ask her how to turn the light back on.  Yea, I know, computer illiterate.  Image


Snoop was extra proud of himself for a while.  Image


I spent the day signing swag and putting it into envelopes.  Some of this stuff is going a long way from home.   Image


Going to be a short one this week, finished reworking Dance, Ballerina, Dance and Return of the Legend.  Waiting to hear from others about Theory in Depth, that one is going to be another exercise in controversy.  Image  

.  Even I am not totally happy with what Mystery pulls off at times in there.  Image 

Well, either way, we all do stupid things and have to pay the price for our ignorance when we are young, sometimes we aren’t so bright when we grow up either.  Image  

Marious just smacked me on the back of the head, I guess he heard the thought that went with that comment.  (He wasn’t supposed to be listening in).  Image And that is why I said it.


Until next week Image and be good.



4 thoughts on “CRASH COURSE

  1. emilylucero says:

    I t was a great party . I enjoyed it . Loved the e book I won and can’t wait to get my pendant. I got almost 200 new elf pictures. Read up to the last 40 pages the day I got the book and got kept so busy busy yesterday didn’t get it finished till late afternoon. Drove me nuts. LOL Great book you did it again. Spent almost to much time on the computer not use to being on that much. Give Snoop hugs and tell him thanks for letting you play. I am sure I missed some pictures that were posted and never did find the last ones on the hunt. Thank you for great party. .

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