Yes, I should be blushing.  I made myself look stupid all over the neighborhood… I don’t suppose anyone else has done something like that so I don’t feel so alone here?  Image 

I was busily getting the event settled when it occurred to me that I hadn’t heard from Snoop in the last few hours.  Did he sneak out again? Image  

Had to check, and usually if I call, he comes.  Not this time, nothing, not even a faint little meow.  Alright, what happened?  So I did my usual, get the goodie can and shook it… nothing brings that cat running faster than goodies.  No pussycat.  Hum…  Now what?  Image


Donning my shoes, and taking the goodie can with me, I walked around the yard, shaking this stupid can of kitty treats, calling Snoop’s name.  Image  (did I ever mention I live in the dead center of a small town?)  Yes, you can smile, I see you have it all figured already, people looked at me for a few seconds, grinned, and went back to whatever they were doing.  Eventually I gave up and went back into the house, shaking the can as I did. 



Wait a minute, what is that I hear?  A meow?  YES!!!      

OH, OH.  That’s right, he wanted to go into the sun porch and I closed the door on him because it is very warm in there.  I am in trouble now.  I go to the door open it and Snoop comes sauntering out, giving me a nasty look as he does.  Image   

Yes, I did the unthinkable, shook the goodie can and left him locked in a room where he couldn’t get out.  The dog house is too good for me. Image  

Extra-treats made no difference, until bed time… then it was all purrs and cuddles. Image  

He hates to sleep alone.  To make sure he is welcome, he brought me another gift… Image  

  but I refused to allow it into the house. ( I know, meanie).  Image


Despite the theatrics we managed to put the event together for next week, and the prizes are great.  So proud of myself.    

.  Eniko and Ava were lifesavers… (cherry flavor).  I couldn’t have done it without them.  Image  

Don’t be surprised to see a whole regiment of Elves running around everywhere in the next week… they are about to take over again.  Image


Life Mate to a King is available in most places now, the pre-orders for the paperbacks have been shipped.  Everything is in order.  The Elves are getting ready to party.  







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