Snoop, the sneak, took off for a couple hours and has been grounded.  He is taking it hard and is currently curled up in my bed sleeping.  I thought he was in the house the whole time he was gone (shows what I know).  The neighbor brought him home, hungry, thirsty, and in desperate need of the litter pan. (You don’t honestly expect him to go outdoors, someone might see him.) Blushing-emoticon 


Thought the end of this week would never end.  Little bro left to return to Kelowna, B.C. at the beginning of it, after spending the weekend taking care of the lawns and it probably won’t be long before he returns.  Becca celebrated her birthday on the first, then followed it up with a short trip across the line.  Today she will be formatting Life Mate to a King and it will be ready for distributing.   She will also finish off the back cover and set up the paperback so the proof can be ordered. (She doesn’t know I have a to do list for her.) AddEmoticons04258



Working on Chapter II of ‘King’s Daughter’ while reworking ‘Return of the Legend’ and getting ready to go through ‘Theory in Depth’.  We have to make the covers for ‘Embracing the Light’ and the combined book of short stories from the Elven Chronicles.  There will be two of them, one for the kiddies, and one with ‘Lociel’s Elite Guardian’ in it. 0023



The heat has been oppressive, the igloo was fine until it started dripping, now I have to find a way to dig deeper into the permafrost so I have some relief from the sun. 


2 thoughts on “IT HAD TO BE DONE

  1. emilylucero says:

    Poor Snoop he must have been tramatized. LOL Missed the Emo’s Mary Ann they ae so cute. Sounds like a lot of work has been accomplished or will be. Once more enjoyed this very much.

  2. maabraham says:

    Poor Snoop, the dog next door is ready to be committed. Snoop is pouting because I won’t let him our. More emo’s next week. Glad you are enjoying… have a lot of plans for the upcoming week.

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