Definitely another one of those weeks… everything I promised myself that I would do, I did.  Image  

Boy, are we surprised.   Everything I wanted to do, that others would have had to do, got put on hold for another week.  Image  

Am I the only one who doesn’t have a life? 



Little brother has hit town like a gale force wind, he is visiting for the weekend and has decided he is going to take care of the yard work and there is lots.  The grass has been growing so fast we swear we can hear it, and he has gone to the neighbor to see if he can borrow his combine.  Image


He has brought his son in to give him a hand with pulling the small trees that have sprung up from nowhere, there seems to be so many the tree farm down the road put in a complaint that we were going into competition.  Looks like he has his work cut out for him.  Image


Life Mate to a King is finished and set for formatting, which won’t get done until next weekend because Becca is going away for a few days and won’t have time to do it until next Saturday.  She needs the break desperately.  The cover has been done, the synopsis taken care of, the acknowledgments are in place, and the only thing missing is the dedication page.  I have a week to decide what to do about that, if anything.  Image  

Someone suggested I dedicate it to Snoop, (looking at the little turkey), nah, he has been a BC (bad cat).  The neighbor is going to complain to the local authorities because he has tormented their dog.  Image   (He has figured out where the end of his chain is and he sits there flicking his tail at him.)  I had to shake the treat can to get him to come home. (boy can Snoop move for a 14 year old cat.)  Image


I am at the three quarters mark of the second round of reworks on ‘Theory In Depth’ and I am a little more satisfied with the result.  (good storyline, but it is being a pita)  I have a few others like that coming up, nothing like a challenge.  Image


Well, I am being summoned again and I have to rise to the occasion.  Never a dull moment when there is a yard filled with family members.  But that is all right, we know things will turn out because I am such an  






  1. emilylucero says:

    I thought I had posted on this. I really enjoyed this one. Go Snooper give that dog heck. ROFL. Glad your bro is helping out and getting the yard cut for you. Looking forward to Weds. for Champions.

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