Released:  May 15, 2012

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Haylo is an Elf, but she has been raised as a human.  She has never known a different life, though she knows there are Elves and that she is one of them.  The family that has surrounded her with their love and care is not of her blood.  She never questioned her origins.  To her those about her were her family.  Her mother.  Her father.  Her grandmother.

Angel is Amy’s daughter and is unable to have a child.  To Amy it is the worse thing that can happen to a woman, especially to one who lives only to hold a child in her arms as her own.  Amy has seen many women who share her daughter’s fate, she has often helped them in their quest, for she is a healer and is often called to help others as they deliver their babes into the world.  Not all mothers survived the ordeal of childbirth.  Amy always found the orphaned children homes.

Elizara is an Elven woman who has borne twins, though she is too ill to realize this.  Thinking the Elf too ill to survive Amy takes one of the babies to give to her daughter to have as her own.  This is their story.



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