M.A. Abraham now on Facebook

M.A. Abraham now has an author profile on Facebook! You can reach it by clicking on the Facebook like box through the website or you can click this link!

M.A. Abraham on Facebook

We hope you stop by, leave a comment, leave a question or join in a discussion about Gabriel and the upcoming Marious’ Story.

To get you started we posted a few polls on the page for everyone to discuss and voice their thoughts.

M.A. Abraham respectfully asks that you conduct discussions of the book(s) on her Facebook page as

1. It helps others get to know more about the book! (Don’t be afraid to share it around and invite others in)
2. It is respectful to other authors and other forums around. We can make sure that it is meant for eyes that want to see it.

Feel free to start discussions and share with others! That is why this page is there!




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