Sneak Peak at Marious’ Story

Marious Eagle Claw, nephew of the great High Lord General Gabriel Eagle Claw, and a force to be reckoned with on his own.  He is the Envoy of his people, beloved of all who meet him, for he knows well the power of his charm and wit.  He also is known to have a deadly skill with the sword as well as an appreciation for the talents and beauty of those about him.  He has been ordered by the Dark King to capture and bring back an Elven maiden who a vision has told him will help save their Sentinels.

Tamarak has lived in the wild lands almost her entire life.  She has been left alone to face the dangers of land and inhabitants and she has done well just to be able to survive.  Where she goes her birds follow, her snow owl Elsa and those others that she calls to her aid in times of danger.  She is wily and the prettiest little Elf Marious has ever seen outside of his homeland.  She is also his Life Mate, but she will need time, time to get used to the changes being brought out of her solitary life in the wild lands and in the midst of the Elven Empire has brought about.  Time to accept that she no longer has to be alone, and he finds she is willing and eager to learn, though not with just anyone.  He is also more than pleased to guide her.

Information on the release date and cover work still pending – stay tuned for more information!

We have a release date… August 6, 2012 … we will also be treating you to a few peeks at the work going on in progress as we wait.



6 thoughts on “Sneak Peak at Marious’ Story

  1. maabraham says:

    Looks like Marious’ Story will be complete, possibly even with cover in June, and waiting in the wings for August to arrive, just like everyone else. Now what are we going to do about that? Hummmm?

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