No one to blame but myself

Friday was a disaster, actually, more like what most people attribute to being a Monday type of day. It started off good. I was editing, within 6 chapters of my goal. I copied and pasted the last 6 chapters into the editing file from the original then deleted the words from the old file before rethinking what I was doing. I didn’t scrap the old file, which I admit, I should have before doing what messed the rest of my weekend up.

Feeling smug at my progress, I took the old file, and, deciding to only have one, I moved it to drop it into the new file I had made. Only this wasn’t what happened. The original file transcribed over the one I had finished editing, and still had 6 chapters to work on. Scream.

What do I do… Panic, Panic, Panic……..BECCA!!!! She’s lost with what I did…… backup team…..ENIKO!!!

The file won’t reverse. So, I head for the shred pile, because I still haven’t done it yet, and dig out all the done chapters. This is going to take a long time. Sigh. time to get at it. New file, copy/paste (you know the drill). Make all the corrections… This is still Friday. By 11PM it is time to put this foggy brain to bed, because you got to know its starting to get the better of me. (besides, the cats are nagging) The temperature is dropping in the house, because I like sleeping in the cold, and they don’t. Point blank. Person… get into that bed and warm up those blankets so we can join you. We aren’t getting in there until they are livable. I nearly froze… and those cold cat feet… Woah!

Anyway, Saturday I start at 7AM… can’t sleep anyway. Turn up the heat… cats won’t get up because it is still warm under the blankets. Copy/Paste, fix edits… sigh. Cereal for breakfast, toast for lunch… KD for dinner… one of those weekends. 12PM. Cats are giving me the stink eye. The bed is cold, they have been up for a couple of hours, and it is time to get some sleep. Person, get into the bed and warm up those blankets for us. Besides, it is getting cold in the house again… you know the routine by now.

Sunday. I am up at 8 and back at it… Sigh. Cereal for breakfast, miss lunch, burn my KD. Edit changes… I am caught up to where I was when this started, and it is 9PM. Copy/paste rest of the old file. Now to get completely rid of the old file because I don’t want to do this over again. Enough is enough. I hit trash, but the file doesn’t disappear. Say what?!! click on old file…. (*^$#E$%^&** All I had to do was trash hit trash and it would revert back to what I corrected in the first place?!!!!!!!!!! (*(^*%&%*&*&(& You get the picture…. Cats are nagging again. Bug off cats, I’m busy.

I open up both files to see what the difference is… not much, only about 500 more words in the old file than the new file, for whatever reason. Still, I am on track… even if I feel like screaming… I COULD HAVE BEEN FINISHED THIS ON SATURDAY…. Oh well, its been a learning experience… like standing in front of a speeding train… you know its going to hurt.

Until next time… Take care… and think, spring is coming. The great white hibernation is nearly over.


4 thoughts on “No one to blame but myself

  1. seelkfireice says:

    I know it is not funny, it is a nightmare to lose something you worked on for days, but the way you describe it IS FUNNY LOL
    Remember what I said, keep backing up and rename the versions adding the date of the new revision. Glad it worked out in the end though.

    1. maabraham says:

      They were saved, backed up and all… sometimes these things happen… lesson learned. Next time I do something like this, all I need to do is trash the top file to get to the one I want. 🙂

  2. BettyAnn Olsen says:

    Oh my, what a trying time you had. As Eniko said, it’s not funny but the way you wrote it up, it does give us a chuckle. So glad all finally worked out for you. Hugs and hope it’s a better week for you.

    1. maabraham says:

      At the point where I was at when this happened, a sense of humour is a bonus. Still, it would have been nice to know all I needed to do was trash the first copy. Sigh. Live and learn.

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