The Techno Bunny Came for a Visit

Before Becca came I couldn’t get into my website, now I can. I am ecstatic. I will be able to start passing on news. Does it feel good. Do I have news? Some. I have been busy, but mostly I took a break from writing. Now I am busy working on ‘The Healer’. I don’t have a cover yet, but it won’t be or much longer. Cora is working on finishing it off as we speak, then I will be able to share.

Other than this, I have an off and on visitor this week. Little bro is in from out of province. He is a little disappointed as there is so much water sitting on the ground yet. It has been a really weird spring with lots of moisture and cooler weather. Give us time though. We will get heat to complain about yet.

Well, I am going to make this short. In another week or so I will put up the opening chapter for ‘The Fortress’, along with the cover and hopefully all of the links. The other project I am working on is for an anthology, Together we Stand” Volume 2. All proceeds will be donated to the Ukraine effort. My part in it is a story called ‘Hidden Treasures’, and mine is only one of many other stories from a collection of awesome authors.

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