My Chat with Strafe

SEELKs fire & ice

Continuing from yesterday… if you missed it, go read it before reading this one 😉

After Ranish left, I sat back down and the waiter who had served us returned with another espresso. I am going to be wired for the next week, but it tasted sooo good I don’t refuse it. As I lift it to my lips to taste, I am approached by another man, this one is considerably younger and when I check him out … clearing throat… my jaw almost drops. In an impossibly deep accented voice he talks as he gives me a drop dead smile.

I have come to keep you company for a short time now that Ranish has left. Before we decided to come to you, we talked about this. We feel that before Kaina comes to talk to you, we need to tell you our sides of the story. In this…

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