Happy New Year

Wishing everyone the best in 2021. I know I have been quiet over the holidays, which was probably for the best. I gives everyone time to sit back and reflect on where they are and what they have to be grateful for, especially after living through a year that threatens to drive people into a funk. I keep thinking it could have been worse, and has been in the past, not only if you check out the history books. It is just the way things are. It is also time to look at your life and realize that the sun doesn’t always shine. I tend to try to be a bit of an optimist, which drives the people around me crazy at times. This year it is a little more difficult is all.

I have a lot of writing news that I am holding back on. I am going to be super busy because I have been lax and need to get the lead out… LOL. That I can think of I have 3 major novels to write for 2022, and I am not finished with 2021 yet. Sigh. Things look daunting, but they could be worse, those I need to get done for 2021 are all novellas. Those to do for 2022 are The Healer, The Wildling, and Phoenixes’ Rules. I know there is more, but for now those are what I am going to be dwelling on because they are the more pressing. It will also cut down the total ‘must write list’ substantially.

How are we doing at the moment? The Tratchar is in the last stages of edits. Vengeance has a Daughter has been formatted and is available on all formats. Another book is in second stage edits. The General will be going into second stage edits shortly. People of the Phoenix is ready for formatting. I only have the 3 novellas to finish, hopefully this month.

I am going to be trying to put in a little more effort to update my Goodreads page… I know it is getting outdated. I am also going to try to post a little more on my author FB page. I am also going to try to be a bit more on the ball with my postings here. (Famous last words.)

2020 was a year for the record books at this end. I have been more than just a little busy, I have been swamped, which has left me feeling tired. Hope 2021 will be better for everyone all around the board. With this said, it is time for me to leave. Have a great year everyone. Know that if I manage to get those 6 books written, you will get to hear about others in progress.

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