My own worse enemy

I suppose the title refers to most of us. I push my limits to the edge sometimes though. It doesn’t help when my mind pulls a blank. People are telling me, write a news letter, that is what authors do. No one says I do anything the way normal people do, which is why I do this. I do have news in it quite often, which is why I probably get away with it.

Right now I am working on projects. This afternoon I am involved in a multi-author takeover. It is only a half an hour spot, which goes quickly. On Tuesday, I am supposed to take over a group for another author for a day. That is a different kettle of fish. I have never done this before and I hope they are gentle with me. I will probably get to know more about this in a couple of days. I must admit to being very nervous about what I am about to do.

We had our first snow the other day, most of it is gone now, but it sure is cool. It looked pretty, as we usually think until 3 months later, by then we are sick of seeing white and want a little colour in our lives again. Thena and Tath aren’t concerned at all, they never go outside. When it gets cold they curl up before the hot air register and nap all day so they can jump all over me during the night. I think they have it all figured out by now. If I sleep facing them, they are happy to cuddle in close. If I sleep facing away from them, they climb on top of me so I don’t forget they are there. Does that make any sense? It is true though.

I am getting closer to finish off another novella, one I hadn’t thought of writing, but it is almost done. I had plans for it to be a certain size, but that has changed. It is going to be a little longer than I had figured, which is par for the course with me. It is also the first book in a series that will be released next year. Yes, it wasn’t planned. Yes, it is besides those that will be released. Yes, I know it is to much. C’est la vie.

Anyway. I am going to toddle off, I need to get other things done so I don’t look like a total moron to the rest of the world. You can also tell that Halloween is close, this is the weirdest I have written in a long, long time. Take care and I will do this again next weekend. In the meantime, don’t forget to order the goodies we are giving away with the purchase of the Anthology I am in.

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