This month is flying

Ever notice that when you put a deadline on something the time between when you start and when you want to finish seems shorter? I certainly am finding this is the case with this book. (novella). To be fair, I have reached the halfway point. To be realistic, I haven’t started to type any of it out yet. Of course then there is the reworking and the different stages of edits. I am going to have to move on this, which means I need to start typing now if I want to be finished writing it by the end of this upcoming week.

Tath has been making life interesting. The other day he presented me with a dead mouse at 4AM. To be fair to him, I had nagged at him the day before that I saw a mouse and that it was his task to take care of the problem. This was especially so because he was the one who let it go twice before. Cats are not supposed to catch mice and carry them around like one of their toys before they allow it to run off. Anyway, I no longer have a live-in rodent.

It is getting cold outside, freezing at night and barely any warmer throughout the day, so I winterized the house this week. There are less and less things to do on my job lists, which pleases me. Maybe now I can get some writing done. To be honest I haven’t done a whole lot of that this year, which will make things interesting over the winter. As they are forecasting a really cold one for this area this year, it should be interesting to see what is going to happen.

I have a lot of things coming up in the next while, which you will hear about from time to time. In some cases it is all I can do to sit still and wait for the outcome. You know how that runs, you want to see what things are going to look like… asap.

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