We did have a couple weeks of a break, well sort of. We will take what we can get here lately. I managed to finish off the reworking for ‘To Love an Elven Healer’. Now I am working on ‘Phoenixes’ Rules’, I am on Chapter V, but it is time to start typing before the amount gets away on me. I might be wrong, but I think that as I had several months break during winter, I probably won’t have as much time this winter. I am considering making changes in next year’s scheduled releases as well. That will give me a bit more time to get into more trouble. It is what it is and I will call a spade a spade.

This next week should be interesting, which is why I am going to spend as much of the weekend typing out these 4 chapters I have written as possible. This afternoon I have a short take over in an event on FB. Monday we are going to have to hit the floors from our bed running. We have pickups to make for the company and customers coming in from a five hour drive to get their products. Something tells me I better get a head start on typing out the year end ledgers.

Anyone notice they are getting more spam in their emails lately? I certainly have, although I am glad to say my computer takes care of most of them. I hope this is not signs of worse to come with fall in place and winter looming. The weather here has been balmy so far, but that can change over night.

How are the Bratz doing? They are curled up under the cover sleeping. They hate it when I leave them like this, but things are rough all over. I got a shipment of books this week and gave them the packing to play with, so they have been crashing through the paper and making a racket for the last few days. When they haven’t been doing this, they have been jumping into my arms to be held. Tath is especially bad for that, reminds me of Snoop the way he tries to make himself at home.

Well, it is time to get back to the grind here, hope everyone is doing well, all things considered. It seems like the world is going crazy, and to be honest, becoming a hermit doesn’t sound so bad at this point. Until next week, or thereabouts, have a great day and stay out of harms way….

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