Finishing touches

It is time for me to put some finishing touches on all of my current projects. Note that this doesn’t mean that I won’t be starting new ones or that those I finish off now won’t have to be redone at a later date. (In fact, most will have to be redone at a later date.) There is the interior of the house, which is in a constant state of needing to be cleaned. You know what I am talking about. Dishes. Floors. Dusting. Getting cat hair out and off of everything including the roof. (Tath and Thena do shed, not that they would admit it, perfect pussycats that they are. Snort.) So you know, I have one room to clean to get the house in order, while the bratz destroy the others that I did. They aren’t too happy about the spare room being closed off, but things are rough all over.

What at the two bratz up to? Right now, they are sleeping. I kept them up during part of the night while I wrote a chapter on the current project. This is another thing I am going to finish off today. Today, I have promised this will be the case (Well, maybe tomorrow) I will write the last chapter of ‘To Love an Elven Lord’. When that has been reworked, I am going to begin ‘Phoenixes’ Rules’. I have passed on each chapter to Eniko to read as it has been done and she is excited about it. I doubt if she is going to finish off her project that she is doing for me, but it is possible. Eniko’s project is to finish editing ‘The Tratchar’.

What will the Bratz be doing during all of this? Well, as it is sunny outside, and hot, they will begin their day by lying in the sunbeams. When the inclination strikes, they will go to the food dish and help themselves to a bite or two and go back to the window to stretch and rest again. If things are normal Tath will attack Thena and she will grouch and hiss at him. She loves her sunbeams. If he doesn’t get enough of a rise out of her, he will come to nag at me that he wants cuddles and attention. He prefers to be roughed up. (Tomcat). There are no mice in the house, so I am his next best choice of things to bug. (Yes, he is a nag.)

Well, there isn’t much to tell. We have been busy all year so far. There have only been a couple of days when people haven’t kept us hopping at work. My little bro will be coming for a short visit in the middle of the week. With all of the above in mind, and with the thought that most people have gotten their books from all the contests and draws at the release of ‘The Warrior’ has weekend. I am going to leave you.

Have a great week. Stay safe. Be healthy and hope to see you next week. Until then…. I am off and running.

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