Where does it all come from?

The bratz are still in bed and it is almost 10 AM. It is also very gloomy outside, as well as being quite warm and muggy. cat 10 Definitely a day to stay in where the air conditioning is in order and I have a list of things to do. Scared_smiley Note how I like to make lists? Also take note that this doesn’t work well with the Elves? Eden has just taken over the last scene with Rothliel’s help. AddEmoticons04240 21-08-43 Should be interesting to see what they are going to do about the situation. First, I need to do something about the state of my house.

I have done my postings, I have finished my laundry for the day, I have a book to edit later, the dishes are done, I have 6 or 7 chapters that need to be typed out, we have several safeties to do. AddEmoticons04264 I also need to learn how to post on instagram (You would think the last would be a no-brainer). AddEmoticons04279

On the upside, I have books finished and waiting in the wings to be formatted. One is waiting for Becca to return from holidays to do (The Warrior). AddEmoticons04263 I also need to look to getting things put together so the website is up to date. Yes, we are running late on a lot of things. I did do the ledgers, etc. so that is finished. I am also intending to do more downsizing. Smiley-Begging

What are my short term plans for the books? AddEmoticons04280 Well, in a few days I should be able to hand in ‘The Temple’, which is my part of the ‘Sinners and Saints’ anthology. I am still short a cover for it, but there is time for that. I will then pass ‘The Eagle Claw Legend’ over to one of my editors to go through a couple more times. AddEmoticons04259 10-25-09 You realize after they go through the editing department, they will head for proof reading, right? I hope to finish ‘Rebuilding the Empire of Light in the next couple of weeks, so it can go to first stage edits. (I have a cover for this one.) I am thinking of heading for Tantalus for a visit after that. I have to start getting serious about some of the new series I am about to launch too. (Yes, I am bad, I have been lax about them.) AddEmoticons04268 We are thinking about holding a party on FB as well. Poor Eniko is swamped with all the tasks I have assigned her. AddEmoticons04274

Anyway, outside of neglecting the furry monsters here, this is about the extent of things right now. cat 54 Yes, I treat my kitties horribly. If you ever met them, they would tell you all about it and beg for attention because they get none. cat 45 If you believe that I have some swampland in Arizona I would like to sell. I know, it isn’t nice to be sarcastic, but really the spoiled little rotters are as bad as toddlers for making messes in the house. They leave their toys everywhere. cat 3 If you pick them up and put them in a toy box for them, they can be very busy taking them all back out and placing them where they were left. CatSmiley21 Thena’s favourites are small sparkling pompoms. Tath destroys little stuffy dogs and dinosaurs. (He has a mean set of choppers.) cat 53 10-16-27

Well, time to get down to work here. So, until next week, take care and stay safe… AddEmoticons04225 22-31-36

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