Another week, another Saturday

Well here it is, Saturday. I feel like I have been in isolation for a long time. But this isn’t true, not for me or anyone else. AddEmoticons04279 For those who have been forced to stay home during these horrific times it undoubtedly feels like it has been forever. It is much more fun to stay at home when we are not being forced to. AddEmoticons04263 We provide an essential service for certain customers and it is those we see, no one else. It is good though. We get to see one or two people besides each other every day and make sure they can still operate so the world we know continues to go on. AddEmoticons04231 22-18-20 We sell provisions to farmers and truckers, or people that service their vehicles. We also consider ourselves lucky not to be in a major trouble zone and hope this doesn’t change. Smiley-Begging

The Bratz are loving the extra TLC. cat 3 They have the run of the place and act like there isn’t enough attention in the world to satisfy them. cat 42 When people come it feels like they are ratting us out, telling them they are being ignored and generally mistreated. cat 26 Little turds. cat 53 10-16-27 Common impression when we are alone, ‘You wouldn’t put down a purring pussycat, would you?” cat 54 After a while, you know it is going to happen, purring or not. So they go lay in the sun on pillows provided for 22

I am seeing signs of spring outside. 1317309lsk5aj07xu It is warming up and there is a chance I am going to have smaller utility bills… Yay. It really hasn’t been a brutal winter, but it felt so very long. AddEmoticons04279 I took a writing bread, only interrupting it to write ‘The Eagle Claw Legend’. It is an Elven Chronicles Novella about Gabriel from the time of his birth to when he was go be sent to retrieve those in the valley. As you may or not remember, they had been sent away to stay safe during the wars that made him a legend. AddEmoticons04259 10-25-09 Now I am in the One Empire, writing about Endural and Eowen. smiley-happy120 I am working on chapter 8 and killing pens quite nicely. I am finding she is very much a person who goes after what she wants.

I am also getting other works finished off. super-happy-dance-smiley-emoticon ‘Angelika Leanne’ is ready to be formatted, as if ‘The Warrior’ and ‘People of the Phoenix’. I am thinking that before we get far into April, ‘Tyndal’ will be done too. Before going to the final stages of edits, others need to finish their runs on ‘Vengeance has a Daughter’, ‘The Tratchar’, ‘The General’, ‘Dream Warriors’, and ‘Hidden Treasures’. It is going to be busy as I go on to write others while this is being done. I may, or not, take a trip to Tantalus to write ‘Phoenix Rules’. We will see what happens. AddEmoticons04263

Anyway,Stay as safe as possible during these trying times and keep healthy. Until next week, take care…AddEmoticons04225 22-31-36

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