Things are a bit white

To those in Canada reading this, Happy Thanksgiving. turkey-waving There will be turkey this year as always, but, I am sure there will be things I will be missing because I forgot to get a few essentials when I went shopping earlier in the week and I am going nowhere now. AddEmoticons04279 Why, you wonder? We got hit by a Colorado low. I got my electricity back last night around 3AM. So, now I am going around turning all the appliances, etc back on to reboot them. AddEmoticons04263 It was interesting writing by candlelight, can’t say I got all that much done though.

All around, it has been an interesting week, starting with Tath jumping onto the bed in the middle of the night with his first mouse kill. CatSmiley21 Yes, you heard it hear first (well second after FB). Tath has graduated from being a pet to being a cat. He has been celebrating by terrorizing the second mouse and losing it I might add. mouse-68 It is somewhere in the house, but I might never find it. I have been keeping track of the score so far, mouse 2 – Tath Zip. MSN-Emoticon-155 He has left me rather paranoid about it though, as he did bring in into the bed, again in the middle of the night. 038822077048eb1a42a048e_thumb The second mouse was very alive. (still it, sigh) I can tell you, every time that cat jumps onto the bed, I check his mouth for a mouse now. AddEmoticons04259 10-25-09

So what am I doing now? I have a few dishes that needs washing, after not having power for the last couple of days. I brought out a turkey to thaw, that takes at least 24 hours. A small shake up of the house is in order. Then I am going to sit back and write some more on my current WIP. I have gotten to the point where I am beginning to set down notes to keep track of what is happening. Yes, it is an ambitious project and it is going to be a long first book, where usually I like to write novellas at this point.

How are things going for Kalicon? AddEmoticons04280 Most of what is happening, has or is. Eniko has gotten all but a few of the things she is waiting for. AddEmoticons04274 The last of the books are on the way and expected at her place by the 18th. I am still waiting for my books to ship for here, but those are not as important. I have put things together as well as can be expected. Eniko has shipped on 2 of the 3 packages to Belleville and they have received one according to tracking. They will receive another as soon as CP delivers again. Tuesday, Eniko will mail out the last one and that will be over. Smiley-Begging

So anyway, I am going to get to work at this end. I have things to do, dishes to wash and to clean up a candle mess. AddEmoticons04264 I used quite a few. I also need to put the old oil lamp away. Not sure how old this thing is, but it dates back to close to 100 years or better. There are times I laugh and say I am living in a house filled with antiques. But they work, which is the important part. giving-thumbs-up-winking-smiley-emoticon So, for those in Canada, have a Happy Thanksgiving and hope everyone has power enough to cook their turkey. thanksgiving-prayer To the others, have a great long weekend and I will see you here next week for the last time before the signing and before Eniko and I go to hold the Elven Games in Belleville at Kalicon…. AddEmoticons04225 22-31-36

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