In one more week

There is going to be a lot happening here this week. One, most important, they say this is the last week of semi-brutal weather, with the temperatures only dipping into the -20C range for the nights. AddEmoticons04262 I cannot tell you how happy this makes me feel. Yes! Spring is on the way. 1317309lsk5aj07xu It has been a nasty, nasty winter. There weren’t so many storms here, but the cold has definitely been the type to leave an impression. Two, I finished writing ‘The Warrior’ this morning at around 4:30 AM. (Yes, I know I should have been sleeping). This week I will rework it and do some edits on it and put it into a file for the editing team.super-happy-dance-smiley-emoticon

I have a small story to write about the Eagle Claw children after this, and Chapter I for ‘The Tratchar’, then I think it will be time for a week off to recuperate and do a little reading of my own on other books. AddEmoticons04231 I will then dive into ‘The Tratchar’. I have a head start on that one, as I wrote a tentative outline for it… Yes, I know they don’t work for me most times, but this one actually sounds plausible. I am thinking ‘The Tratchar’ should be finished by the middle of May. Smiley-Begging ‘The General’ will follow and I will read what I have written on that one before plunging into it. T’Harris is so anxious to tell his story and get settled with his Gabriella it is heartwarming. He deserves her though, the perils he faces to keep his Life Mate safe. nervous-934 (But you don’t want to know about that yet, their book doesn’t release until half way through 2021. Much too soon to let that cat out of the bag.) making-bronx-cheer-smiley-emoticon

Today I plan to type out the last of ‘The Warrior’ and shake down the house. sad-face It is time I gave it some TLC. (Especially the kitchen.) AddEmoticons04279 The bratz will hug the hot air register, run circles around me and generally spend around half of their time in midair as they jump all over the counters and table. cat 53 A no-no, but you can’t keep them off of them. cat 26 Do you think they care? cat 36 I am expecting to see a change in attitude from them along with the changes in temperatures. cat 47 I don’t think they will expect me to go to bed and cuddle with them every time I head for the end of the house where my room is. cat 44 They have been very disappointed, but haven’t given up hope on that count. cat 50 Ever see two cats on the dead run doing excited little circles when you get close to a favoured spot? Tath and Thena, and it is a miracle they don’g collide. CatSmiley21 In Tath’s case, he is yelling mama as well. cat 45

I will also be expecting my copies of ‘The Princess’ this week, probably by Wednesday. I will be quickly shipping out any to where they belong after that. giving-thumbs-up-winking-smiley-emoticon In between events, I will be making plans for my signing appearance at Kalicon this October. AddEmoticons04258 It looks like it will be the only one I will be going to this year. On the up side, I might get an extra book written. We also have plans for the launch of the end of the Tantalus Series, we will tell you more about this as the time gets closer. AddEmoticons04263

On the more exciting side for everyone, although I won’t be at many signings, Eniko will. super-happy-dance-smiley-emoticon I can think of a few off hand where she will be mulling around in the crowd. Like ‘Romancing the Falls 2019’ and ‘RTC2019’. AddEmoticons04235 Yes, you can feel jealous, they are both great signings. If you run into her and say hi, she might even have a little something for you. (You never know).

Well, on this note, I am signing off for now. I have so much to do and never enough time. Until next Saturday, have a good one and keep warm. AddEmoticons04225 22-31-36

One thought on “In one more week

  1. Betty Olsen says:

    So busy and so far ahead. It’s about time to take some time for yourself and catch up on your reading. Hope you weekend is good and not so COLD!!!

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