The Critters have taken over

I am not sure if Thena and Tath think they are getting their revenge on my being gone a couple times this fall, but they can cut it out at night. cat 39 The idea that they have the right to romp while I am sleeping and thus waking me up could get them banned from the bedroom. cat 47 Question is, would I do this? Well, I might think I would, but I think they are pretty certain I won’t. cat 50 I am, however, in bad need of sleep. There could be more to this than cats though, as I wake at 2-3 AM and write until I am tired enough to go back to sleep. cat 54 How is this affecting things? I have one storyline half written on the wrong character, half of ‘The Priestess’ written and the beginning of ‘Hidden Treasures’ done. cat 53 10-16-27 The good part of this is that I could have ‘The Priestess’ finished in time for Christmas and perhaps one of the others. Matrium’s story is very well established in my mind, too bad I wrote her mother’s instead. cat 28 That one I will have to toss. AddEmoticons04279

I have very little other news to pass on this week. sad-face None of the edits have come in, although Sarah has promised to get something in shortly. Smiley-Begging Candy has been too busy with her new baby to do much other than run back and forth to the hospital to care for him, he is in an incubator yet, or at least the last I heard. bth_SnowAngelHappyWinterSmiley I don’t believe that has changed yet. Eniko shouldn’t be that far off getting ‘Equals’ to me, and then she will be working on ‘Standing in the Light’. smiley-happy120 She will only have 3 waiting in the wings for her after that one. AddEmoticons04263

Cora should be ready to begin the covers for ‘The General’ this week and I am itching to get my hands on them. clicking-your-heels-smiley-emoticon I so want to see what T’Harris and Gabriella look like, they are such huge characters in the Guardians of the Empire series. super-happy-dance-smiley-emoticon

What else am I up to? Well, I have signed on to attend Kalicon 2019. super-happy-dance-smiley-emoticon As far as I know, it will be the only one I will be going to this year. smiley-confused005 So, anyone that wants to see me in person, keep that in mind, because it is going to be a blast. MSN-Emoticon-155

On that note, I am going to head back to the writing dest to begin working on the next chapter of ‘The Priestess’. nervous-934 I am going to need to begin typing on some of those chapters too, I don’t like them piling up on me like this. making-bronx-cheer-smiley-emoticon So, until next week, take care and watch out for that flu, I hear it is a nasty one. AddEmoticons04225 22-31-36

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