Not working out

The only person that can clip the nails on these cats is me, and I don’t know how to do it properly. cat 39 Well, to be honest, I might get away with it once, but probably never again. CatSmiley21 Talk about attitude.  We tried clipping Thena’s nails, where I held her and others clipped. cat 45 They got shredded, I got bit. cat 54 That didn’t work.  Tath was simpler, but he has taken lessons from Thena since and, as far as he is concerned, I don’t get near his nails. cat 28 I ask you, what is it about cats and their nails? cat 26 Snoop would let us do it, but cussed us out as it happened. cat 45 The vet won’t touch them unless she puts my cats under… I gather my cats are not friendly when it comes to this.  cat 53

The bratz have been on the tear this week, on top of thing, checking things out, making sure nothing leaves without them making sure any other cat knows that they were near it by rubbing against it and leaving fur on it. cat 50 No, I have not put the tree up.  I am afraid to think of might happen there. cat 47 Snoop would sit and watch it, but not touch… these 2? addemoticons00954 22-31-47 Do I dare? dd27 They might be like Snoop was, a perfect little gentleman, but I wouldn’t bet anything important on it. cat 53

How is the writing coming, you wonder? AddEmoticons04259 10-25-09 Well, I am at about the half way point as far as word count is concerned for ‘Hidden Kingdoms’. AddEmoticons04274 ‘The General’ I haven’t touched for about a week, but will catch up on the typing today, which means it may be about at 16-17000 words, just a beginning. MSN-Emoticon-155 It has a long way to go, but there is no rush.  I have plans for it, but like anything else, the characters might have other ideas. AddEmoticons04279 Cora is just beginning the cover for ‘Teryka Rose’.  That should be done before next week is over. super-happy-dance-smiley-emoticon Edits, you ask? AddEmoticons04280 I believe Sarah is putting the finishing touches on ‘The Phoenixes Choice’, which means it will go to Betty for final proofing before heading for Becca. Smiley-Begging I am still hoping to release some other news on a different project, but that is still coming, and taking form nicely I might add. smiley-happy120

I look at the calendar and shudder.  There is only 5 more days left in November, then we are into the last day of the year. AddEmoticons04264 I have to admit, I am not sad to see 2017 go.  It has been an abysmal year.  It seemed like there was one calamity after the other, I am hoping everyone has a better 2018. Smiley-Begging In the meantime, it is time to shake up the house again, it seems this is something I am doing more often lately.  There is a layer of cat hair all over everything, and I am not impressed as I see them run from one piece of furniture to another. CatSmiley21 They are ganging up on me because I will only hold them for a designated amount of time each day… I have work to do kitties. cat 36

Well, with that in mind, it is time I toddled off.  Because yes, I do have a list of things to do that never got done earlier. nervous-934 Again, have a good one, hope there wasn’t too much turkey left from the holiday, because there is another one coming up soon.  Will be back next week for the next chat. AddEmoticons04257 Good news, I am finished my Christmas shopping… except for a few groceries. clicking-your-heels-smiley-emoticon Until next week, have a good one.  AddEmoticons04225 22-31-36

One thought on “Not working out

  1. Betty Olsen says:

    LOL, the Dynamic Duo are at it again. Oh yeah, plenty of turkey left but makes great left overs and I made my turkey soup today and have some for freezer. For Christmas I’ll make a ham and I can make my potato soup and add some ham to it. This year has gone by too fast. Looking forward to The Phoenixes Choice. Until next week, have a good one Mary Ann.

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