I do tend to get myself in trouble

So, I finished off several projects this week, as well as begun to write again. AddEmoticons04257 Yes, I am working on Chapter V in ‘Hidden Kingdoms’. smiley-happy120 As I haven’t typed out any of them, except for a couple, all I know for sure is that I have around 5,000 words. AddEmoticons04237 I do have several chapters to type out though, so I have probably closer to 10,000.  AddEmoticons04263 That meshes pretty close to what I am doing with ‘The General’, a book I shouldn’t be working on at all. smiley-confused005 To be fair, T’Harris and Gabriella wouldn’t leave me alone though. AddEmoticons04264 So, to get some peace of mind, I decided to go for it.  It is just too bad that the 4 books that precede this one in the series have yet to be written. AddEmoticons04279 Something tells me I am going to be very busy next year, as well as this one.  I also need to write ‘Angelica Leanne’, to fill in the years worth of releases. AddEmoticons04231 Shaking head, and rolling my eyes…. I am in so much trouble. nervous-934

I have been looking at the weather forecast and have decided to get things settled in quickly outside for the winter. building-snowman-smiley-emoticon This could be our last week above the 0C mark, which means it is time to think about going into hibernation. winter-7650 I am going to finish off my project that I began in the basement, then settle down to write. AddEmoticons04259 10-25-09 Not too seriously you understand, but enough so that I have ‘Hidden Kingdoms’ done before Christmas, so I can take another reading break.Smiley-Begging

I am writing this very early, and you should see the bratz. CatSmiley21 I swear Tath has jumped up onto the desk and caused more errors on the computer than most of us can imagine. cat 53 10-16-27 He wants me to go to bed. cat 10 Thena is different that way.  She may jump up, but she tends to bring up programs that I never new existed. dd27 I don’t need them either, for that matter.  It is going to be funny to watch these two on Tuesday night, as the youngsters go from house to house collecting Halloween candy. cat 14  Ten to one they will be under the cover for half the time as I am giving out the goodies.  This is going to be so much fun, even if the weather is slightly below freezing. AddEmoticons00937 I just hope it isn’t too cold as they are showing snow on different days through the day.  Of course they are talking on the day I have to go to the dentist, as if that isn’t enough. AddEmoticons04279

Doesn’t it seem like the year is just about over already as soon as you mention Halloween and the fact that it is about the happen? AddEmoticons04259 10-25-09 It does to me, as the next round is remembrance day and Christmas. AddEmoticons04240 I realize there is the American Thanksgiving day coming up, but that has really nothing to do with us here, beyond our wishing them well.  AddEmoticons04274

Well, it is time for me to get some rest so that I can get something done tomorrow. th_snoopylinus_ani The thought of doing that job and getting it over with is beginning to excite me… well, maybe not doing it, but having it done does. snoopy-emoticon-002 With this in mind, it is time for me to finish this off, get the rest of the chapter I am writing onto paper, as well as catch some sleep. snoopy-emoticon-001 Until next Saturday, have a good one everybody… and don’t forget, they who raid the goodie bags usually finds lots of tootsie rolls. AddEmoticons04235


One thought on “I do tend to get myself in trouble

  1. Betty Olsen says:

    You just can’t help yourself – so much going on in that mind of yours – so many ideas on books!! That’s ok, since we love reading said books!! Have a good weekend. 🙂

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