No one said it would be easy

Well, it is nearly time to begin writing again, except I don’t feel like writing. AddEmoticons04279 All things considered, I better get my butt moving on this project. AddEmoticons04259 10-25-09 There is only slightly over a year before this book will release, and that isn’t really a lot of time in the scheme of things. AddEmoticons04274 There are times when I am shocked at how much time it takes to go though these books to get them ready, even after I have finished the main draft. smiley-confused005 It seems like if life gets in the way, just a little, you are up against your deadline, or even late. nervous-934 That is the way it is with ‘Rising From The Ashes’.  I am running late.  Hoping to have it up sometime in November, as it is supposed to release on the 10th of December. AddEmoticons04267 This tells me I am going to have to work harder to get the stories written to give everyone time to get through the system.AddEmoticons04259 10-25-09

It has been a great week, if you don’t think of the wind that blew shingles off my roof again. nervous-934 The company that will be doing the repairs promised to be here to do them before it rains. Smiley-Begging With luck, that means before Monday, as there is a chance of rain on that day.  It never seems to end.  What I should really be concerned with is the dentist appointment on Nov. 1st, as they are predicting snow on that day. smiley3527 I am hoping not, I hate driving in icky weather where are slippery conditions on the road.  We are about to go into transition and driving is never fun during that time. AddEmoticons04268

Well, I got one of my main projects done, I will post the picture at the bottom when I am done. smiley-happy120 I began another, but it is one of those, when it is done it will be finished types. AddEmoticons04263

I am not sure who these two kitties are that have come to live with me. cat 26 They take turns wanting to cuddle during the day, they don’t fight over possession and they go to bed when I do without causing a scene. cat 36 Can this last? cat 3 There they go, they just met around a corner, nose to nose, and the chase is on. CatSmiley21 They also found something this week that they had been neglecting all summer long, alright, all their lives… sunbeams. cat 22 So, every afternoon, after I retrieve their blanket from the floor, they lay in the sun and soak up the rays. cat 50 Sometimes it must be good to be a kitty with no concerns. cat 53 10-16-27

Well, as I haven’t been very productive, there isn’t much to say, so I will leave off and get back to reading my book… how did I do you ask? AddEmoticons04231 This is book number 6 and I am loving it.  ‘Addicted to Love’ by Deborah Cooke. (How can I not love this book?)  Until next week, soak up all the sunshine and heat you can, because it is later in the year than we think and ole man winter is around the corner, 0004 I can see signs of his breath outside every morning now. AddEmoticons04225 22-31-36



One thought on “No one said it would be easy

  1. Betty Olsen says:

    Wow, so happy the Dynamic Duo are behaving-hope it lasts!! 🙂 That is fantastic, you have gotten 6 books off your TBR list!! Hope you have a good weekend and of course I shared.

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