The world is tearing itself apart it seems.  I look to the South and East, and I see hurricanes of such intensity that no one has words to describe them.  The only thing that seems safe to do is get out of their paths.  I look to the West, and there is fires across the entire coastline.  I look to the Southwest and there are earthquakes, not little ones, big ones.  If you listen to the people from the North, they say something is wrong in the skies and it speaks to them.  I sit here in the middle of Canada, and I know it isn’t safe here either, no matter what people think.  My heart is bleeding for all the people who are suffering and in shock from all the devastation.  I am sure some have taken more than what they could handle.  I send words to them, it is all I have and I fear it is not enough.  Perhaps there will come a time when enough will be found, but I doubt if it is possible under the current conditions.

I am not going to talk lightly of cats that bounce around, or books fighting for release, but of the strength of human kindness and understanding.  May be all remain strong in the face of the challenge of life and our future.

Until next week, stay well, stay safe, know that you are loved…. AddEmoticons0425

3 thoughts on “Why?

  1. Betty Olsen says:

    It is a very somber thought of all that is happening in the world and hopefully we are going to learn from everything. However, human nature as it is, I seriously have my doubts. Instead of politicians listening or watching of what is going on, they only think of themselves and their respective parties and NOT to the ones that elected them into office (there are some that do must so much in the minority they are listened to). We can hope and pray things do get better. Love to you too Mary Ann!

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