Summer is warming up here

I have been hearing about extreme weather everywhere this year.   The heat has been brutal in places, while here we have been moderate and wet. AddEmoticons04279 Well, from what I can tell, or have been led to expect, things are about to change.  It isn’t that the weather is going to be so outrageously hot that no one can stand it, but when they give you one temperature and add another 10 degrees beside it for the humidex, you know it is going to be uncomfortable. AddEmoticons04268 Of course, they are also predicting thunderstorms to cool things off in the evening.  I hope the extra precipitation doesn’t happen, we don’t need more moisture, well not where I am at any rate.sad-face

RTC Ottawa looms, and I think the bratz have caught wind of the fact that I am about to leave home for a while. CatSmiley21 One of the suitcases has been filled, and is now in waiting.  It has books and bags in it.  It isn’t out of space, but it has reached its weight level. AddEmoticons04263 Sigh.  This means I have to take another suitcase if I want to have clothing to wear. AddEmoticons04259 10-25-09  What can I say.  Somethings a girl just needs on a trip.  So far, I have packed my costume for the last night of the event. AddEmoticons04231 Everything else will come together as I pack the rest, I do still have 3 days until I leave. smiley-happy120

Which reminds me, I won’t be doing the blog with 2 weeks after this because I will be awol. AddEmoticons04274 I am not leaving the bratz unattended, but if they do like last time, they will hide in the linen closet until I come back. cat 44 Thena wasn’t that way as much as Tath.  He tends to be more of a one mama type of pussycat, where Thena will chill with most anyone.  cat 50 Have they been behaving lately, you ask? cat 53 10-16-27 Well… that is debatable.  I would say yes, but the lack of sleep tells me that they have been romping during the night. cat 47 Tath, despite the fact that people send him toys, picks on the simple things in life to play with, and he expects me to play fetch with them.  Here mama, I brought you the top of the water bottle to throw for me.  (You can imagine how far that is going to go.) cat 26 Or his favourite toy, a straw.  You know that if you bring out a straw to put into your pop can, you will feel lucky to get to the end of the drink before he has stolen the straw. cat 42 Thena prefers small pompoms.  Tath seldom touches them… stuffies you ask? cat 28 Thena has this spotted dog(s) she likes to play fetch with.  Tath has furry mice, and he likes to kill them, literally. cat 36

Then there are the books, most are in the final stages of editing, those that have been let out to be checked in manuscript form. AddEmoticons04263  Sarah has been busy, so ‘The Phoenixes Choice’ hasn’t gotten any further.  She has also to go over ‘Rising from the Ashes’ once more, because we changed things. AddEmoticons04274 When I get back I will be sending Eniko ‘Teryka Rose’.  I will also be working on the second half of ‘Final Contact’. AddEmoticons04259 10-25-09 I thought I had reached the half way point of the book last weekend, but after writing up what has to still go into the book, so I don’t forget it, I realized I am only there now.  Yes, it will be another big book. smiley-confused005 I will write ‘People of the Phoenix’ as soon as I am finished ‘Final Contact’.  (It is only a novella).  I should be finished both by the end of September. AddEmoticons04220 I will then begin ‘Hidden Kingdoms’ in October.  That will give me ‘The Princess’ to write for 2018.  ‘Angelika Leanne’ and ‘An Elven Tradition’ is all that is needed for 2019.  If all works out right (and it never does), I could be finished my 2020 releases and be well into my 2021 storylines by the end of next year. super-happy-dance-smiley-emoticon This is exciting.

Well, I need to get things ready for the day, feed the pussycats and stuff. cat 45 I will figure out what extras to take tomorrow from the closet, and pack on Monday. AddEmoticons04282 21-08-40 I think I have things cased, more or less.  If I miss something, well there are stores and places to get things cleaned where I am going, so no worries. AddEmoticons04263 With that in mind I will be back to report how things went on the 12th of August.  Until then, have a good one, and if you miss me, watch for postings on my FB page, or Eniko’s, as I believe Becca and she will be working in tandem on this.  AddEmoticons04225 22-31-36

2 thoughts on “Summer is warming up here

  1. liz evans says:

    Hahaha…The antics of the terrible twosome keep me forever laughing…Sounds like you’ve busy, enjoy your trip,Give Eniko a hug from 🙂

  2. emilylucero says:

    Always miss you. You will have a great time at RTC. It said it woud rain here all week but so far has just been cloudy. Will Tweet and Share,

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