Where do I start?

The Bratz definitely know something is up, I think they can feel the tension in the air. cat 39 I am finishing off projects and beginning to shake down the house for while I am gone. cat 39 They usually do not like it much when I go awol and let me know it when I get back. cat 54 Snoop used to do that one of two ways. cat 45 He would either poke his nose in the air and flick his tail at me, or he would wrap his paws around my neck and bury his nose in my neck. cat 36 These hide until I come back and then act like I am a stranger for a while. cat 53 10-16-27 I rather miss the flicking of the tail routine… cat 28

I am not as close to the middle of ‘Final Contact’ as I thought I would be. nervous-934 There has been too many interruptions. smiley-confused005 I should be finished Chapter XV today and on to Chapter XVI tomorrow. If it is a good day, I may even be able to get into Chapter XVII, which will get me closer to the half way point. AddEmoticons04274 There is a lot to get into this book yet before I leave for Ottawa at the end of the month. AddEmoticons04263

How are preparations coming along for the big signing at RTC you ask? AddEmoticons04280 I am going to assume that Eve has things in hand better than I do. AddEmoticons04263 Cora is making the back cover for the last book I want to order over this weekend. Smiley-Begging That means we should have the proof here on Tuesday, if we are lucky. If that passes, I will immediately finish off my orders and the last of the books should be here in time for the show. Scared_smiley I have ordered the last of the swag, and that should be shipped to Eniko, and received, by the end of next week. AddEmoticons04231 That will leave me to finish off what needs doing here. I am taking a few books from here, and some swag. AddEmoticons04274 I believe Becca is finished, or close to being done with the book bags I will be taking along. super-happy-dance-smiley-emoticon My costume is hanging in the closet, as are some of the other clothing I will be taking along. AddEmoticons04263 I keep saying I need to go shopping before I leave for a few essentials, but it looks like some of that will need to be done when I get to Eniko’s. smiley-confused005 Time is moving too fast and the demands are overwhelming. I am finding that the one suitcase I thought I would be able to get away with won’t be enough. AddEmoticons04274 Everything takes up space. I will probably start packing things like the books and bags next weekend and finish off over the following one. Yes, I am a last minute packer.AddEmoticons04267 10-25-02

You can bet that Tath and Thena will be in there trying to help. CatSmiley21 Put something into the suitcase, take the cats out, put something else in the suitcase, take the cats out… you get the picture.cat 53 10-16-27

Well, it is time I got down to business here. AddEmoticons04264 We are supposed to go to a mini family reunion this afternoon, and I have 100 things to do, as usual. AddEmoticons04279 Until next week, take care and enjoy your summer.AddEmoticons04225 22-31-36 cat 36

2 thoughts on “Where do I start?

  1. emilylucero says:

    Sounds like the normal chaos before a trip. LOL I didn’t realize how much has to go into a signing. Praying you have lots of sales to make up for the expenditure Don’t overtax yourself. Would rather you be healthy. Loved the blog. Will share and tweet.

  2. Betty Olsen says:

    Ah Mary Ann, stop stressing so much. Everything will be fine and all will be in place.
    Try to relax a bit. Enjoy your little family reunion and have a good Sunday! Shared & Tweeted.

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