I am procrastinating

By this time I should have had a good percentage of ‘Hidden Kingdoms’ written… I haven’t set down a word of it yet,AddEmoticons04279 10-25-22 and I am supposed to have it finished before I leave for Ottawa at the end of next month? AddEmoticons04240 21-08-43 Something tells me it isn’t going to be done, and my reading frenzy that I had planned for August is not going to happen. nervous-934 I haven’t even finished reworking ‘Teryka Rose’, which I should have done over the weekend. AddEmoticons04274 Then I will get busy with what I should be doing. On the upside, Sarah has ‘THE GODDESS’ and I am hoping to have that done before August. Smiley-Begging By done, I mean in paperback form, and no that won’t mean that it will be available to buy yet, after all, it doesn’t release until February. AddEmoticons04263

The bratz have shown a different side to themselves this week,cat 3 especially the Tath thief, who decided he wanted to try breakfast sausage this week… turns out he doesn’t like it any better than I do. cat 45 Thena, surprisingly enough, is the one that doesn’t get after the food on the cupboard, although she is up there more than he is. dd27 The most heard words in this house is ‘Thena, get off the cupboard’, or simply, ‘Down’. She knows what that means. The romp at daybreak is still happening,as well as the ones through the day between naps. cat 26 Tath wants to be held more, and will go to all lengths to make sure it happens… and… surprise of the week, he actually didn’t jump off of me and look at Thena in disgust when she jumped up to join him. cat 53 10-16-27 Is that acceptance or what?cat 36

Well, with ‘The Phoenixes Choice’ not quite through edits, and the same with ‘The Goddess’. AddEmoticons04264 I best get busy with finishing off ‘Teryka Rose’, so I have time for the others when they come.
It has been a quiet week otherwise, cloudy and cool. AddEmoticons04279 The type of weather that makes you want to take the kitties and snuggle in bed. cat 44 Can’t allow that though, too much to do. So, until next weekend, be good, and I will see you around. cat 26 I know this is a short one, but these things happen. AddEmoticons04225 22-31-36

4 thoughts on “I am procrastinating

  1. Betty Olsen says:

    LOL – I don’t blame Tath- I don’t like breakfast sausage either! Thena is just too much 🙂 Mary Ann, you are so far ahead of schedule, I think you can give yourself some slack. Enjoy the weekend and cuddle with the Dynamic Duo! 🙂

  2. emilylucero says:

    Love those Kitties and you would be lost without them to bug you. LOL Sorry your reading got put off gin. Maybe Dec.

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