Hissy fits

Yes, another of those weeks. AddEmoticons04264 It began Tuesday, with Thena having to go to the vet’s for tests.cat 54 I haven’t gotten those results back yet, but they shouldn’t be that much longer coming. cat 32 They said she hissed at them from the time she got there, until they put her to sleep, because it is the only safe way for them to handle her. cat 45 Yes, she is small but can be vicious.dd27 Tath was in his glory while she was gone, king of the castle and didn’t have to share his territory. cat 44 She woke up, and began to hiss as her eyelids moved. cat 50 I got the call to get her, and she was still lipping off at them. cat 45 Oy, the language!!!AddEmoticons04240 21-08-43 I wonder who taught her that, and she knew it all before she came, because that is how she treated them even when she was six months old. AddEmoticons04263 I brought her home, and Tath spread his ears and gave me that look. (You know the one.) It took me 2 days to settle them down. cat 42 They weren’t sleeping in the same area, they would share their mama, and oy, the hisses.cat 54 Things did get back to though, until this morning, when they decided it was time to go on a rampage, racing up and down from one side of the house to the other. CatSmiley21 Bouncing on mama, and the bed. cat 47 Catapulting themselves off of me as they jumped onto the bed and off again. cat 53 Sigh. Why?cat 26

I found out why they were acting like this a couple hours later, yes, it was very early when they got off to a start.cat 36 Mother Nature outside is throwing a hissy fit of her own, it is raining, snowing and generally being miserable. smiley3527 Back to bed, put cover over head and realize this isn’t going to work, because I immediately have a pair of cats walking all over me. cat 36 They want under the cover, no, it is too warm there, one is giving the other the paw, and the other is cowering and hissing at him. AddEmoticons00954 Sigh. It is going to be one of those days.AddEmoticons04279

Time to talk about getting my work done, as pertains to the books… I make this point because, as those who know me are aware of, it is safety season, and we are very busy at regular work. AddEmoticons04231 I wrote 7 chapters over the weekend, and only 2 during the week, that type of busy. smiley-confused005 Eniko is going through the edits on ‘The Phoenixes Choice’ and ‘The Siren Connection’, which prompted me to warn the others in line that they are probably going to be coming at them. AddEmoticons04258 She says she won’t stop until she is caught up, which means ‘The Goddess’ as well. AddEmoticons04240 21-08-43 This should be interesting. Our hope is that ‘The Goddess’ will be in print in time for RTC Ottawa, so I can do a reading out of it. AddEmoticons04263 Yes, I am doing one of those, no, I am not offering to sell ‘The Goddess’ a half of a year before it is released, as a good will gesture. smiley-happy120 No, I don’t think that is too bad a tease, I could have chosen something out of the first chapter of ‘The Princess’… now that would have been bad.MSN-Emoticon-155

As this is being put together, Cora is busy making up my banner, as well as getting ready to do another cover for me… Final Contact, which I will write when I return from Ottawa.AddEmoticons04235

Well, with a mountain of edits to look forward to, as well as writing both ‘Teryka Rose’ and ‘Hidden Kingdoms’ before August, I better get moving. AddEmoticons04237 And, I will bid you adieu. AddEmoticons04225 22-31-36 Until next week… cat 53 10-16-27

3 thoughts on “Hissy fits

  1. emilylucero says:

    Loved it. I love those kitties and my prays are there all is well ith Thena. It is still raining here. Will be so glad to get some warm sunny days. ANDYES you still are TQOT LOL

  2. Betty Olsen says:

    Oh heavens, I hope all goes well for Thena, poor baby and hope they calm down for you. 🙂 Yes, you are the QOT and hopefully you have a decent weekend-don’t work too hard. Wish I could send you some of our heat – going to be 89 today. Hopefully, you get better weather soon!

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