Holidays – Happy Easter!

I woke up this morning and half questioned myself whether I should get up or not. AddEmoticons04280 It was, after all, early. I then realized; hey, it is Saturday and I have my weekly blog/newsletter to write. AddEmoticons04240 21-08-43 So here I am, half dazed, misspelling everything that is coming out through my fingers, and realizing that I am starved. AddEmoticons04220 You would never know that looking at me though. Sigh. I want the good ole days back.Smiley-Begging

I managed to get a few things done this week, house shook up, check,AddEmoticons04259 10-25-09 ‘The Goddess’ put into a file, check,AddEmoticons04274 books mailed off, check,AddEmoticons04257 bags for RTC Ottawa at Becca’s, check,AddEmoticons04257 Becca to format ‘Merika’s Story’, check,AddEmoticons04262 Goodreads brought up to date, check,smiley-happy120 Chapter I for the Princess written and sent for quick edits, check. AddEmoticons04231 I still have to send Cora the page count so she can make the back cover. AddEmoticons04279 This means that at some point this week, the paperback will be in Becca’s hot little hands being checked over for faults. super-happy-dance-smiley-emoticon I could even be ordering some to cover preorders, and those will be very limited. AddEmoticons04263 I need to order other books too, as my supply here is seriously low.AddEmoticons04269

So, you are probably wondering what Tath and Thena have been doing during the week I decided to be lazy. cat 36 They have been enjoying the extra attention. cat 53 10-16-27 Tath, especially, seems to think that this is what he was created for, filling a set of empty arms. cat 44 Thena, not so much, but I get the impression she has been warned off. cat 50 Yes, Tath would do that, and usually she doesn’t give a flying rat’s backside what he thinks, she will do it anyway. cat 47 But lately, she hasn’t been. Maybe she is thinking about the 18th when she is to go back to the vets for tests. cat 45 I am whispering this because if she knows for sure, she could retaliate in the middle of the night. cat 26 Yes, she can be like that, but not as much as Tath, who likes to play during the dark 42

Well, it is Easter, and the holiday time has really thrown off my schedule. 8_3_46 You ever wake up with the question of what day is this? AddEmoticons04280 That was me this morning, and tomorrow will be no different, I am sure. To try get things back in line, I have begun to write on ‘Teryka Rose’. 6088880143_491c2e2e67_s I will have Chapter II done today, and maybe even part of Chapter III… along with a few safeties… it is that time of the year.AddEmoticons04282 21-08-40

So, with all this in mind,I am going to wish you all a Happy Easter, grab a bowl of cornflakes, then brush my teeth, to see if that helps me feel human again. mini-graphics-easter-067052 Until next week, have a good one, and enjoy some family 36 cat 26 AddEmoticons04225 22-31-36

2 thoughts on “Holidays – Happy Easter!

  1. Betty Olsen says:

    I’m glad things are going smoothly and calming down a bit. I don’t envy you on the 18th and I pray all goes well and it’s nothing serious for Thena. Wishing you a Happy Easter too and maybe you can get some reading done – maybe!! 🙂

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