La Sigh

I keep saying the same thing, day after day, without being able to announce that the book I am writing has come to an actual end. sad-face Yes, there are are only a few more pages to write on ‘The Goddess’, no, I haven’t hit the end of those yet. AddEmoticons04279 Even the bratz are getting frustrated. They want someone to hold them, cuddle them, play with them, during the daylight hours. cat 45 As they are not getting this from me, they will make my night hours a challenge. cat 53 10-16-27 Sorry kitties, but I have priorities. making-bronx-cheer-smiley-emoticon You are fed and taken care of, you do get cuddles, not long ones, during the day. Suck it up. Today I finish this manuscript. I have about 6 pages to write.AddEmoticons04263
Granted, I also have paperwork to take care of, as this is a day when there is always safeties to do. nervous-934 It doesn’t take that long, but it still takes time.smiley-confused005 When I have finished, I will have over 4 chapters to type out, maybe over 5, but you get the idea. AddEmoticons04231 I have typed out right up to chapter 37, I am writing on chapter 40, have to write chapter 41, and 2 small chapters thereafter. Never mind, you see what I mean by it never ends, and I think I have reason to believe that this book will brush the 100,000 word mark.AddEmoticons04264
Tath, especially has been a pita lately. AddEmoticons00926 He is too warm under the blanket, too cold on top the blanket. CatSmiley11 He wants Thena to be in her place, but she is not allowed to have a length of fur in his area, or he will wail on her. cat 45 Thena is not about to put up with his attitude for long. dd27 She has ripped him open once, she will do it again. cat 26 I thought he was giving her a difficult time with the way she was screaming when he went on the attack sometimes, snort. MSN-Emoticon-155 He just thinks he is boss. (granted, she knows when to back off, and she knows who to come for if she needs protection).AddEmoticons00935
This upcoming week I intend to type out the manuscript for ‘The Goddess’, which should take a day, and then rework the entire thing. AddEmoticons04263 By the end of the week I am hoping to have it in the editing pile. (Please, don’t quote me. With the way things are going, I could be saying this all over again.)AddEmoticons04274
It is spring, and Thena is really restless. CatSmiley21 She would love to get out there, but again, there are reasons to keep her in, because there are others who would love to see her in their territory. cat 54 She might be a feisty little feline, but those hunting birds like a challenge as much as anyone else, and so does that little weasel that decided to move next to the house and burrow in during the winter. cat 53 (Yes, he/she is a cute little dickens, but dangerous for one dainty looking Siamese kitty that thinks she can take on the 32
As this was April 1st, I was tempted to say that the manuscript was finished and that I had begun the first chapter of ‘The Princess’, before yelling APRIL FOOL. AddEmoticons04263But I decided I couldn’t be so cruel. AddEmoticons04279 Playing a trick on the bros at some point would be another matter. AddEmoticons04231
Well I hear the sound of something shifting in the other room, and as Thena ran through this room only moments ago, it is time to go check on this. AddEmoticons04259 10-25-09 Who knows what I will find. As ever, stay well and enjoy the springtime weather. AddEmoticons04257 Until next week, don’t do anything I wouldn’t do… Yes, April Fool…AddEmoticons04225 22-31-36

3 thoughts on “La Sigh

  1. emilylucero says:

    Loved it as usual and as you know the book being 100, ooo words would make me very happy. Waiting on daughter to go shopping and as usual she is going to late. LOL Hope Thena doesn’t slip past you and get out. I toally agree on the birds being real predators. Don’t know much about weasels though are they big enough to hunt smething Thenas size? I always thought they were fairly small.

  2. Betty Olsen says:

    Will have to watch sneaky Thena!! That is going to be a BIG book and sounds like you will be finished with the writing soon, then the typing. Hopefully you will get some reading in soon. Have a good weekend.

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