Time to get serious

I have been procrastinating. AddEmoticons04231 Three chapters in as many weeks is not performance.  It is time I got my head out of the sand. AddEmoticons04279 The book is in my mind, ‘Teryka Rose’ is forming, so I getter get with the program, or I will have three books in this brain and it will feel as if it is ready to explode, especially with a new series forming as we speak. AddEmoticons04263  Yes, there is another series up there. AddEmoticons04280  It isn’t enough that ‘Lost Kingdoms’ is pushing, or ‘Guardians of the Empire’, but so is ‘Elven Gateways’… yes, 3, count them, 3 Elven spinoffs from the ‘Elven Chronicles’. AddEmoticons04268 I haven’t even slid any of the ‘Elven Gateways’ stories into my writing or release schedules, but it is there in my mind. AddEmoticons04274

To bring you an update on how things are progressing, Sarah says she will finish edits on ‘Merika’s Story’ over the weekend. AddEmoticons04262 I will go through it again after that and pass it to Betty for proofreading. AddEmoticons04257 Candy, says she will finish ‘Lost Kingdoms of the Empire’ over this weekend too. AddEmoticons0423 I will also go through that and then ship it off to Sarah, for final edits. AddEmoticons04258  I expect that she will go through it quickly, mainly because it is a short story.  That leaves Eniko.  She is working on ‘The Phoenixes Choice’, no I don’t have an update on that one, but it will get done. AddEmoticons04263 I plan on writing at least one, if not two chapters on ‘The Goddess’ today. Smiley-Begging  Becca will be busily formatting ‘Intercession’ soon, and it will be up for preorder. smiley-happy120

Speaking of ‘The Goddess’, I now have the cover, giving a sigh. AddEmoticons04235 It is the best one yet.  No, I am not going to show it, but watch THE READING CAFE on February 17 for more on that front, along with the review on ‘Kings of the Empire’.giving-thumbs-up-winking-smiley-emoticon

I took the Bratz to get their yearly shots at the vet’s yesterday. cat 3 Thena was her usual hissy, snarly self… she does so love that vet… good thing I had her claws trimmed. cat 45She actually took the needle better than she did the examination. cat 32  She is doing well, but it has been a battle. cat 50 Tath did his usual thing, he cowered in the back of the kennel, after my having to push him into it in the first place… yes, he most definitely can be like that.cat 44  He is doing great, very healthy pussycat, vet says if he wouldn’t be so shy he would have taken all the shows in his class, or even overall. cat 36 He is a prime pussycat.  When it was all over, we pushed Tath back into the kennel, and Thena went boogaloo all over him. cat 54 Wow, talk about someone in a temper. cat 45 I warned her to watch her language, as well as claws…. she gets mad and her mouth would make a sailor blush. cat 6 Tath took it like a gentleman, and waited for his turn for payback.  cat 3  Then, at 3AM this morning, he attacked. cat 42  Yes, I was woken up to the sound of Thena getting hers on the pillow beside my head. cat 47  I hate to say she asked for it, but really, she had no reason to give him attitude in the first place. CatSmiley21  All things considered, it went well. cat 53 10-16-27 They have sort of both forgiven me now. cat 26 They cuddled in for the night (or froze, as I turned the thermostat way down).  This morning they were both still under the covers, with their little heads on the pillow beside mine. cat 22  All is well. cat 36

Well, on that note, it is time to get busy, especially if I am going to get 2 chapters written today. AddEmoticons04274  Until next week, have a good one. AddEmoticons04225 22-31-36

2 thoughts on “Time to get serious

  1. Betty Olsen says:

    So glad everyone is in one piece after the vet visit! WOW, such a busy brain-all those stories waiting to come out – gives me a headache just thinking about it but I’m so glad they are there. Looking forward to all of them and can’t wait. Have a great weekend!

  2. emilylucero says:

    Loved it. Happy to hear tings are progressing though your team so well. Happy to hear Thena is doing well. It is probably as well Tath is shy as you don’t have time to show hi anyway. They are both Gorgeous.

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