Thought I had stalled out for a while, but thanks to a niece, life is on the move again. AddEmoticons04283 If everything goes well, I should be finished the tablecloth I was crocheting for one of the other niece’s. AddEmoticons04262 I am very close to ending that and it will be good to see it done, so I can concentrate on my writing once more. super-happy-dance-smiley-emoticon I must admit, that has been suffering due to lack of time. I will get myself focused on what is important yet though.AddEmoticons04258

This weekend it the visit of little bro.  He will be leaving tomorrow, so you know that it was a short stay. AddEmoticons04263 He brought his year end books with him, so you also know that I have another project, which will take a few days. AddEmoticons04224 That shouldn’t stop me from getting moving with the book I am writing though.  Tonight his children are coming to see him, as well as the niece with the thread.AddEmoticons04258  Should I mention that she is bringing her baby?  He sure has grown over the last few months. AddEmoticons04240 21-08-43 Little bro’s daughters are excited about seeing them, because they haven’t seen him yet.  As this is their Christmas that was missed because of flights and sickness, I am making a big turkey dinner tonight. AddEmoticons04237 I missed it at Christmas because no one else was here, and I was very sick.

You will notice that the sale items have changed again, although this may take a little time to show up on all venues. AddEmoticons04279 This week, ‘Return of the Legend’ and ‘King’s Daughter’ are on sale.  ‘King’s Champion’ and ‘Life Mate to a King’ is back at its regular price, although this also will take time to happen.Smiley-Begging

Cora Graphics is going to do the cover for ‘The Goddess’ this week and I am excited about it. AddEmoticons04262 I plan on doing the covers differently with the ‘Guardians of the Empire’ series.  The poster of the Guardian, who the story is about, will be on a page of its own, behind the cover itself. Chania and Daeron are the first couple.  I have also managed to get a few chapters done on the other new series, but we won’t talk about that, just as we won’t show the covers for ‘The Goddess’ for a while, after it arrives. AddEmoticons04263 These things take time.

The bratz have been at it, not giving me much sleep. cat 53 The weather has warmed up enough so that it rained yesterday. AddEmoticons04280 I kid you not.  Rain.  In the middle of Canada, in January!!! AddEmoticons04240 21-08-43 It makes you wonder what it is with the weather.  Last week we hit temperatures of -48C with the windchill, and this week it rains? AddEmoticons04282 21-08-40 I think Tath and Thena are torn between loving what was, and what is 32  When it was cold, they cuddled in bed and kept me extra warm when I joined 22  This week, they are bouncing all over, bringing candy wrappers into the bed and having their jollies all over me. cat 53 10-16-27 It isn’t easy to sleep when you have an 11 pound Tath cat jumping on top of you.  Thena is just as lethal, with her sharp needles, I mean claws. cat 47 They both got their paws trimmed, and now it is time to go to the vet and get their shots. cat 50 Sucks to be them. cat 44 They will expect to get extra TLCs after that.  (between chasing each other up and down the rooms of the house.)CatSmiley21

Well, this is getting lengthy and I have a meal to get ready. AddEmoticons04231 Time to mosey off and get something else done. smileys-flowers-658663 Until next week, stay well, and know that ‘Kings of the Empire’ is getting closer to being released.  Are you excited?  I am. AddEmoticons04225 22-31-36

4 thoughts on “Progress

  1. seelkfireice says:

    Have a great time with your family! Happy to hear you will be back writing, this slacking has to stop 😛
    I am so excited for the upcoming Kings of the Empire release, that book is awesome!

  2. emilylucero says:

    Lovedthe blog and you had to get your tease in about the new series QOT LOL. e had snow this morning so no wonder I was hurting all day yestrday. I will Tweet and Share from the e mail.

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