Getting closer

I am beginning to be able to feel a sense of fall in the air, specifically at night, which is always welcome. AddEmoticons04262 I like cooler nights, what can I say. AddEmoticons04231 Tath and Thena don’t seem to mind them, they snuggle in close, without wanting to be under the blanket quite yet. cat 22 I assume that will come.  I remember Snoop and how he liked to be under the blanket, he was such a cuddler… LOL. cat 26 (Yes, I know that isn’t a proper word, but it works and everyone knows what I mean.)  The bratz seem to have settled down somewhat, they are not as rambunctious. cat 53 10-16-27 If they know what is coming, they don’t seem to really care, especially not Tath, who won’t go out in summer, never mind winter. cat 40 Thena, the is ready to tackle the world, although she isn’t being given the chance. cat 45 The yard is short several hundred rabbits for a reason outside, and I believe those reasons are hovering overhead in the form of a great horned owl (he is gorgeous) and a hawk (likewise, he is a beauty).AddEmoticons04259 10-25-09

I have begun to write ‘The Phoenixes Choice’, although I am not working very hard on it yet. AddEmoticons04279 That time will come. smiley-happy120  I finished off the rough manuscript of ‘Merika’s Story’ and will it will be put into DB shortly. AddEmoticons04237 I am expecting to hear that Eniko has started on ‘Intercession’ soon, while Sarah is going over ‘Theory in Depth’ one last time. super-happy-dance-smiley-emoticon While this all happens, we are waiting for the second proof copy of ‘Kings of the Empire’ to come from the printer’s. AddEmoticons04274 Becca told me the first copy wasn’t quite perfect enough, but that it was huge, as I expected.AddEmoticons04263

As I sit typing this, I am truly shocked at how quiet the house is, nothing going crash, bump, or boing… I have to wonder if the fuzzy duo are plotting. cat 3 Tath got me up extra early this morning, the food dish was empty. cat 39 He has gotten into the habit of wanting to lay in my arms while I try to read, Thena will lie on top of him, which leaves me peering over their fur coats to see the book. cat 36 If I am writing, they know that their place is on the couch, and if they are on my chair, I have odds, which means they get carried away to the couch while I regain possession of my 53.. somehow they always know when I want to sit there, and are already in position to be carted away. cat 28 They are so deprived of 26

Well, it was a dull week, cats behaved, as did I. AddEmoticons04240 22-18-24 There is probably one more lawn cutting to happen before we put the big machine away, and I should check on the apples, that poor tree is bent over sooooo far.AddEmoticons04268  I have offered some to other people.Smiley-Begging.. when they have picked theirs, and mine, it will be busy, busy, busy… apple pie, apple turnovers, apple sauce… you get the picture. AddEmoticons04264 The tree needs pruning too.  AddEmoticons04231

Well, time to leave and get back to work, I have books to bring up to date for the accountant, as well as write. AddEmoticons04267 10-25-02 Until next week take care, while I go check on what Thena is up to, I just saw a furball flash by with black ears and tail in attack formation. cat 47  Yup, she was, I am such a sucker, lead on McDuff… cat 50Until next week, have a good one.  851583_434480319982268_1738424198_n

3 thoughts on “Getting closer

  1. Emily F Lucero says:

    Loved it as usual Happy to here they are finally settling down a little. Don’t blame you for watching out that Thena can’t get out. If the owl and falcon can take a rabbit Thena isn’t that much heavier. Sounds like everyrhing is moving right along with the books, Excited to be getting HC. You made my day happier.

  2. Betty Olsen says:

    LOL – so happy the Dynamic Duo are settling down now. Mmm, all the good apple goodies you’ll be making!! You are really moving along so nicely with all the books and what goes with them!! Enjoy your weekend.

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