The great escape

I can’t believe I did this. AddEmoticons04231 I woke up at 5:54 this morning, and told myself it was too early to get up, not to mention I was very tired and covered in fur. AddEmoticons04263  So, I did what any person usually would do, forced myself to go back to sleep, which took a while. AddEmoticons04274 Now, blushing here, I just got my butt out of bed, to the grumbling of the furballs, and took a look at the clock… 9:55? .AddEmoticons04240 21-08-43.. the clock has to be wrong, but not all of them. nervous-934 This isn’t even a Sunday!  AddEmoticons04267 10-25-02 I never do things like this, then again it is very dark outside, not to mention raining again. making-bronx-cheer-smiley-emoticon I should be used to this by now. AddEmoticons04279 The kitties too, although I am getting this look from 22.. we did try to get you 53 10-16-27.. 22.. as if trying to get me up is lying on my head and legs constitute the working of an alarm clock. cat 44  No matter I am up, head for the computer… Blast, I left it on with a program running, AddEmoticons04279 well it is still working, so I can continue reworking ‘Intercession’..AddEmoticons04267. I am on Chapter XVIII right now with great expectations from myself to see how far I can push this new red pen. AddEmoticons04258

Yesterday, it didn’t rain, and one of the neighbours came to the door with the usual announcement ..AddEmoticons04263. I didn’t realize Thena slipped out while he was coming in (along with #3 bro).  CatSmiley21 I took care of the paperwork that needed to be done, and noticed someone else at the door..AddEmoticons04280. not so strange, but..AddEmoticons04259. why didn’t they knock or something? AddEmoticons04280  I went to check and it was another neighbour, and he appeared to be beckoning at something 3.. going to check this out. AddEmoticons04274 I walk through the doorway and you can tell he is trying to get a cat to come to him..dd27.. some things are just so recognizable 26. So I ask myself, whose cat, and the neighbour with #3 bro says your cat went out when we came in..AddEmoticons00954.. WHAT! ? 50.. Thena, it has to be, Tath isn’t interested in the great outdoors. cat 28  I check, no pussycat.  I go back out, around the corner of the house, and there she is in all her show kitty splendour, screaming at the barn swallows, who are dive bombing 45.. She isn’t cared, but really, they are moving much to fast to catch. CatSmiley11 Pluck, up with one pussycat and back into the house. cat 54 There are too many dead cats on this road that goes past my house already without leaving her out to become another.nervous-934 Trust Thena, she is purring, and trying to scream at the birds at the same time. cat 36

Later, as she is watching them from inside the safety of the picture window, you can see her chin chatter, as she gives a stuttering quiet little 50.. things never change, it is like looking at a miniature Snoop. MSN-Emoticon-155 Of course we all know what the barn swallows are doing..AddEmoticons04263. teasing her..MSN-Emoticon-155.  They know they are safe, so they are getting close enough to the window to nearly hit it, and I can count the feathers in the inside of their wings. MSN-Emoticon-155 They are having a blast at Thena’s expense, and loving it. making-bronx-cheer-smiley-emoticon Tath has laid claim to my arms, and he is purring, as he watches her with this, you crazy female look on his face. cat 53  So she left the birds and came and laid on top of 36

I am going to make this short today. AddEmoticons04274 ‘Beyond the Myth’ is in the formatting file, ready to go when the cover is made in mid September. AddEmoticons04257 ‘Forbidden Contact’ is in the formatting file, ready to go, but it is WAY to early as it doesn’t release until next October (2017). AddEmoticons04279  ‘Kings of the Empire’ will be coming back from final edits in a couple of days, then progress to the final proofread stage. super-happy-dance-smiley-emoticon ‘Hunter’s Challenge’ is waiting for ‘Kings of the Empire’ to come back, and then it will go to Sarah for final edits, followed by formatting and heading for the pre-order lists everywhere. clicking-your-heels-smiley-emoticon I have finished the rough manuscript for ‘Intercession’ and am half way though reworking it, hoping to finish in a few days..Smiley-Begging. it is part time to shake up the house. AddEmoticons04267 With two cats the swiffer has never been so busy. AddEmoticons04263

I will be taking a break from everything after this, even the blog. AddEmoticons04258 There will be none for two weeks, but I am sure you don’t mind. AddEmoticons04274  I will return with more news at that point, and leave you with a gift, which I will post after this.AddEmoticons04275.. in the meantime… have a good time while I am awol.AddEmoticons04258..and enjoy your summer AddEmoticons04225 22-31-36

3 thoughts on “The great escape

  1. Emily Lucero says:

    Thena is a little sneak. I would worry about her getting out too. Hope you have a really great time in Kelowna. Yu and Eni both deserve it. I will miss the blog but understand. will share and Tweet this.

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