Don’t know where it came from, but I am fighting itfever-and-sick… no, pesticides don’t help. No, I don’t care what they say…AddEmoticons04259 10-25-09 what doesn’t kill it, just might kill medog5… not going there. In the meantime, Thena and Tath are happily snuggling close in bed.cat 22 I what written a few chapters more on Kings of the Empire, and I must say, that book is getting big.AddEmoticons04240 21-08-43 I still have a minimum of 8 chapters to write, and 5 to type that have already been written.AddEmoticons04267 10-25-02 Give me credit, I said I figured I had about 12 to do last week, but we have gotten really busy.AddEmoticons04279 It is spring, not that you would know it.sad-face

I look outside and it is freezing cold, and looks it.smiley3527 There is snow on the ground, again, and this isn’t supposed to end until tomorrow. So not fair.making-bronx-cheer-smiley-emoticon Watch, a few months from now we will all be griping about the heat.AddEmoticons04279

Tath and Thena let me sleep last night, first night this week where they haven’t walked all over me at least once an hour…cat 36 patted me, as if to say mama, I want under the blanket, then take a half an hour to decide if they actually do or not…cat 10 that would be Tath. It is simpler with Thena… “Get out of my way, you silly male, it is cold out here. I get prime spot.cat 36 Put that in your pipe and smoke it.”cat 50 Then Tath goes bugaboo all over her because she is lying in his spot.cat 45 Silly kitty cat. I am waiting for one of them to start flicking his or her tail. cat 3Tath has begun to argue about whether or not he is a bad cat, it is a start. cat 28 They really needed to be around for Snoop to train them.cat 54

That is only a part of the routine,addemoticons00935 22-24-21 every night it is the same thing, Thena brings me a sparkly pompom and expects me to throw it.cat 47.. memories are made of watching the hind end of a kitty cat bounding over the end of the bed,addemoticons00954 22-31-47 as she races to get her toy. dd27 Tath has begun to do it too, but is less enthusiastic about the idea. cat 10 Fetch is a game for dogs, not a lazy Tomcat. cat 44 He has had that idea since he was a kitten.cat 28.. you throw it, you get it yourself.  cat 53

Thena wants to go outside really badly, and the eagles are eager to see her…cat 24 as are the hawks, the falcons, the owls… I keep telling her no.CatSmiley11 Tath would be a meal, she is a snack.cat 32 She has this let them try attitude. Some kids you can talk to, like Tath, and then there are others, like Thena.cat 53 10-16-27 If either of them starts flicking their tail, it will probably be her, but the question will be, can I leave her go out to antagonize the dog next door without getting grey hairs about her safety…cat 36 Some cats have no idea about what you are talking about when you mention the word ‘safe’ .CatSmiley21

Well, going to make this short, heading back to bed to wrap the feather blanket around me,AddEmoticons04267 and the cats around my feet, for extra warmth.  AddEmoticons04258  I will take the writing pad and pen with me, just in case, you never know when I will want to finish that chapter I started last night.  AddEmoticons04263 Hoping spring is in force better in other places than it is here. Smiley-BeggingUntil next week… remember… I have an event on face book coming up… a review on Friday… and the release of Earwen’s Song on the 16th. AddEmoticons0424  And, anything that happens in between otherwise is all incidental.  AddEmoticons04237Until next week, have a good one.AddEmoticons04225 22-31-36

6 thoughts on “I HAVE A BUG

  1. emilylucero says:

    So sorry the bug has really got you down. Praying for and I am sure the Elves are chanting. It is Spring here All the trees that flower are in full bloom and the tulips are getting ready to bloom. looks like rain today though. I also have to animals in bed with me and Sassy is fine but Brandy is a bed hog . So sleep is off and on . LOL :Love the blog. Will share and tweet.

  2. Betty Olsen says:

    So sorry you aren’t feeling well and I hear the Tratchars are sending healing prayers you way. Get well soon! Thanks for my Dynamic Duo chuckles. See you at the event!

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