Where did the time go?

It is another blog day, and it seems like the last one only happened yesterday. AddEmoticons04279 The days have flown by so quickly I can barely believe they actually went by… did I live those? AddEmoticons04280 I feel like I did… the power charged duo made the nights feel like they were all there… I am going to have to hobble those two yet. AddEmoticons04258 They have definitely been on a roll and are happy to report more coming up. AddEmoticons04264 There are times I wonder if spring isn’t around the corner, because of all the excess energy they have. AddEmoticons04274 I certainly could use a little of it.dog5

I have only written approximately 1/3 to 1/2 of To Capture an Ancient. AddEmoticons04279 The good news on that is that I am getting back into Elven Chronicle mode, after having written 2 stories in The Tantalus Series. AddEmoticons04262 I should be finished To Capture an Ancient this upcoming week and perhaps even get it moved into the editing pile… which is growing and backing up. AddEmoticons04263 The good news on that, is that the shorter stories go through the line faster, and there are 2 of them in there now (if you include TCAA). AddEmoticons04259 10-25-09 Yes, I use abbreviations a lot when I write, one of the reasons no one can read what I have written… LOL.AddEmoticons04258  When I have finished with TCAA, I will begin on Kings of the Empire, which will take several months to finish, unless I get on a roll.6088880143_491c2e2e67_s

Becca has now formatted Earwen’s Song, and it is up for preorder on the ebook trail…AddEmoticons04262 she has also done the interior for the paperback, and Cora is doing the back cover over the weekend, so by Tuesday, Becca should have the proof copy in her hands. super-happy-dance-smiley-emoticon If it passes, those who have ordered arcs will be getting them. AddEmoticons04257 One of the people who write reviews has already read her copy and reports it is the best she has read in the series to date. AddEmoticons04262 I hope other people share her view.AddEmoticons04231

Writing has been a challenge lately with the kitties deciding that they not only need attention, but have every intention of taking it. CatSmiley21 Which means I can be writing away, then suddenly have a furball in my arms without notice. cat 36 Unlike Snoop, who used to do the same thing, these don’t purr, which means they are not thankful for what they have. cat 3 I will have to do something about that. cat 26 Could my Tath and Thena kitties be a little spoiled?cat 53

There has been less breakage, because there is less to be broken,cat 39 the house looks like I have children because there are toys everywhere, cat 32but they refuse to let me go very far, without tripping over them. CatSmiley11 It has been worse since last Sunday when I left them alone for nearly 8 hours, while I went to a mini family reunion. cat 54 The moment they heard me come through the door… it was mama, mama, mama. cat 45 What would they do if I left for a week, like people are telling me I should do? cat 28 Now there is a thought, maybe they would appreciate what they had then… what do you think?dd27

While I consider that, I would remind anyone who hasn’t done it yet, to go to the Reading Cafe and enter the draw for a signed copy of Tratchars. AddEmoticons04267 The copy will come from the printer’s, and I will send a signed bookplate to add to the inside. AddEmoticons0424 I am thinking that the next step for me is to get the cover for Elven Chronicles short stories for children done up, after Becca formats the inside. AddEmoticons04270 09-08-04 The Adult version will be waiting for TCAA, which will take a while yet to go down the lineup, not to forget mentioning my finish writing it.AddEmoticons04279

Well, this has gone on long enough… until next week, have a good one, and if anyone can think of a way to settle down two teenage cats with cabin fever, let me know.Smiley-Begging


3 thoughts on “Where did the time go?

  1. Betty Olsen says:

    OMG, if you left for a week, they would tear through your place-would hate to see the damage. They would se soooooo mad!! YES, they are spoiled but don’t we all spoil our pets. 🙂 You are moving along with your writing so well and I get tired just reading about what you are into. Enjoy your weekend!

  2. emilylucero says:

    LOL you are on your own with the cats. A dog playing ball for awhile or taking them for a walk works great. LOL I wntsome to read Tratchars a\nd see if they catch your sneaky surprise. LOL

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