It is over

Well, the final edit changes for TRATCHARS has been done,AddEmoticons04262 and it is in the formatting bin. 1317309lsk5aj07xu I am expecting the second last edits in for Earwen’s Song sometime during the next week… super-happy-dance-smiley-emoticoncelebrating here..bth_SmileyHappyDance. just like our American friends were doing over the last few days with their Thanksgiving.AddEmoticons04258  (without the turkey). thanksgiving-prayer I am hoping everyone had a great time, ate lots of turkey and pumpkin pie.  8_5_28

You know what else is finished? AddEmoticons04268 3, counting them on my fingers, 3, statues, courtesy of Thena and Tath. CatSmiley21 (Mostly Thena). 967914_10153352372192119_2087398154_n How did it happen, do you ask? AddEmoticons04280 Well, in the first part… you have to know something is wrong when you hear a huge crash and 2 cats come racing out of the room, cat 42tumbling over each other and running each other over to get out of the area before mama figures out that they were in 53 10-16-27. too late kids… busted. AddEmoticons04247 They had the most guilty expressions I have seen, cat 54(well since watching TROUBLE WITH ANGELS, when the 2 girls got caught by the Mother Superior when they were doing something they shouldn’t 26 To be fair, they did try to stop, but they were going too fast, and the china cat (yes it was antique), got in the way. cat 3 (I should never have put it on the floor so they wouldn’t knock it off the furniture.) I thought it was safe in the corner. AddEmoticons04279 But, you know how fur slides on hardwood.  cat 36

At that point it was cats 2, statues, zip. cat 53 10-16-27 Casualties, Tamarah the fairy goddess, and 1 china cat. cat 28 The next day, while I was working in the kitchen, I heard a huge crash in the living room. cat 39 I knew it wasn’t Tath this time, he was sitting on a chair in the kitchen with this I didn’t do it, look on his face. cat 22 I went into the room that Thena had quickly vacated, to find what used to my mom’s 3ft high (Yes, I had stashed it in a corner on the floor for safety.) ceramic Grecian lady, in pieces. AddEmoticons04256 (I had spent a whole day painting the gold sections on that statue myself).AddEmoticons0428  I went boogaloo all over that cat. AddEmoticons04236 21-08-28 She played with the pieces while I swept them up. AddEmoticons04279 Cats 3, statues 53  Little bro suggested I retire all statues until the cats cooled off… remembering the broken fairy I found after Snoop was gone… I may never have ornaments on the furniture if I did that… but, I promise, they will learn.Smiley-Begging

Well, I am going to change things around a little, with the schedule for the books..AddEmoticons04267 10-25-02. not so much the schedule, as what is in some of them. AddEmoticons04274 It seems there will now be 2 spinoffs from the Elven Chronicles, beginning at the end of 2017. smiley-confused005 We will see how that goes. smiley-happy120 The things I don’t let myself get talked into. AddEmoticons04279 Well, I will get off this machine, so you don’t have to read anymore at this time..AddEmoticons04231 22-18-20. you can walk off your Thanksgiving meal..pumpkin-pie-2. I realize this can take time..AddEmoticons04263. and I can go hobble the cats. cat 45 Hope everyone had a great time with family and friends over the holidays. AddEmoticons04225 22-31-36 And now we can begin to look forward to the most wonderful time of the year..building-snowman-smiley-emoticon. adding to the National debt. ps-smilies-christmas

Take care, don’t slip on the ice, either in or out of the car. Smiley-Begging(and if you see 2 Siamese cats shivering in the snow, one Seal Point and the other Lilac point) cat 45 they are probably mine and I am teaching them what it is like to be homeless. 0004 (It will only happen if they manage to kill the statue on the top of the china cabinet). AddEmoticons04212 20-55-04 Until next week… have a good one.1lg172snowsmilies



6 thoughts on “It is over

  1. Liz Evans says:

    Hahaha… The cats & their antics , sorry for your loss (statues) but I look forward to their new naughtiness every week…..lots of exciting news on the book front, can’t wait 🙂
    Happy holidays my friend & thank you for the card

  2. Betty Olsen says:

    Oh those naughty cats and so sorry for losing your precious statues. The Dynamic Duo at it again. *sigh* Great news on the book front-see you never fail and looking forward to all the new books!! Have a good weekend-hopefully!!!!!

  3. emilylucero says:

    ROFL you mean they survived the statue attack in one piece. I am so sorry about the piece your mom did. I know that can’t be replaced. Hope they settle before to long. I am extremely happy with two spin off from the EC as you know already. Loved the blog.

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