Who would have thought it

It is the end of the week already….AddEmoticons04263 I can’t say it hasn’t been productive,AddEmoticons04258 I did accomplish things, although it certainly doesn’t feel like it. AddEmoticons04279 I finished off the reworking of ‘Into the Demons Lair’ and it is now in Eniko’s hands to begin the editing travels. AddEmoticons04262 Earwen’s Song is with Morganna, and it will return in approximately a month. smiley-happy120 Sarah has Tratchars, which I am hoping will be done by mid November,Smiley-Begging as I will need it to pass it on to Becca, and to get it into the reviewers hands in lots of time for them to read. bth_SmileyHappyDance I have decided, I am not going to write a word in the month of October, now that I am finished the book I was working on. AddEmoticons04237 I have written 3 full novels and a novella this year, I need a couple weeks break. smiley-happy120 Next month I will start on Hunter’s Challenge, which I have a chapter started on. AddEmoticons04267 I hope to be finished it by Christmas, and I will follow it with ‘Forbidden Contact’ and ‘To Capture an Ancient’.  AddEmoticons04274Book four of the Tantalus series will be called ‘Hostile Waters’, I won’t tell anyone what that is about. AddEmoticons04263(I can hear Eniko already, SKYPE, NOW.)  AddEmoticons04220

The cats know something is up,cat 28 they have been following my every step, racing up and down the house, CatSmiley21around my feet,cat 3 between my feet, cat 26and generally expecting something. cat 39(Oh yes! expectations are high, but they won’t say what for?) cat 53 10-16-27 I sit down, it is invasion time. cat 36 So far they have kept my writing pens away from me, especially the one that is only half full. cat 32 Tath is the pen expert. cat 53 Thena is a upper floor expert, and one of these days she is going to bring down the big statue that has been on the china cabinet for as long as I can remember. cat 47 (I had to take the coverings off all the furniture because she was using them to clear off the surfaces… thing about it, cloth, slightly slippery, one cat with claws that likes to jump) cat 50 Which reminds me, it is time to trim those tiny little feet, and Tath’s big ones..cat 24. I believe I have company coming this week who will take care of that.  super-happy-dance-smiley-emoticonTo be fair, I found a way to keep them busy, I came home with a bag of fresh bakery made Canadian rye bread, uncut. cat 3 I left the bag on the floor (paper bag) for them to play with..dd27. they have gotten more milage out of that bag than all the cat toys in the house combines.addemoticons00954 22-31-47.. 2 very happy kitties..AddEmoticons00916. and boy can they make that bag sound like something exploded.AddEmoticons00949

It is the long weekend or, to be more to the point, Thanksgiving long weekend..turkey-waving. The geese are flying and the turkey is in the oven (or will be when I know what day the company is coming). chasing-baked-turkey I am not going to make a big deal of it..TurkeysDancingDivider. turkey, eating-turkeyveggies, corn-eating-pilgrimmashed potatoes, gravy,animated_thanksgiving_dinner_at_smileys carrot pie, cranberry sauce, etc.thanksgiving-prayer.. that type of thing.  I will finish making the things on my list otherwise, Chilli, Lasagna, spaghetti sauce and perogies. rolling-pumpkin I am hoping to get it all done before Tuesday, because that is when the garbage gets picked up and I won’t have that sitting around until the next week.  8_5_28Gotta think of these things..AddEmoticons04267. I will be using my slow cooker for a part of this, which works for me… cut and dice, throw it in the pot and let it do its thing. 1317309lsk5aj07xu I will sit and read and prepare for whatever else. AddEmoticons04262

I had a laugh last night, AddEmoticons04263and thought you might get a chuckle about this too..AddEmoticons04258. about 1AM I got a call, K… this might be important, get up, answer the phone, it is a crank call, teenagers playing games on the phone.AddEmoticons04274  We hung up on each other, and 20 minutes later they phoned back..AddEmoticons04279. well, I don’t think they will too fast the next time (at least I think it was the same ones, hard to say when you don’t have call display and you answer.AddEmoticons04263.. “Pretty Paula’s Perky Poodle Porn shop… buy your dog a video to educate it… for more information check out our website or call …………)” AddEmoticons04220  On that note, I will leave you… have a good weekend, and I will see you next Saturday..smiley-happy120.. Have a good week. AddEmoticons04225 22-31-36

3 thoughts on “Who would have thought it

  1. Betty Olsen says:

    LOL-Pretty Paula’s Perky Poodle Porn Shop-oh lord, just love it. That must have made them think!! You sound like you are still going to be busy even though it’s not with writing. Do hope you’ll be able to get some reading in! The Dynamic Duo are just waiting for you to drop something so they can pounce!! Have a good weekend Mary Ann – still chuckling over Pretty Paula’s!!!! 🙂

  2. emilylucero says:

    Loved it . Had a good laugh at Pretty Paula’s. Hope you find out soon if company is coming. The bratz are having fun anyway. Funny they never play with the toys we buy. LOL Looking forward to all those books but get to reading

  3. seelkfireice says:

    SKYPE NOW!!! JK I am almost finished putting the kitchen to rights UGH and I need a new head PRONTO thanks for making me laugh, I can totally see you on the phone saying that line to the crack caller LMAO I bet they didn’t expect that LOL

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